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  1. I don't want to be in this relationship anymore but I'm worried about leaving my boyfriend as he relies on me financially to a certain extent and his mental health would suffer. I'm currently living with him and if I went back to my parents he would be on his own in his flat everyday as he works from home. He struggles with depression and anxiety and isn't good at looking after himself eg forgets to take his tablets, doesnt keep track of bills etc. I also help with his son and pick him up on weekends as boyf doesn't drive. I know its not my responsibility but I do care about him as a person an
  2. Sounds like she's being a little harsh if she ended things just over you having a difficult relationship with your mum, no family is perfect Christian or not there will always be conflicts. I think if that was the deal breaker but everything else was fine you could have worked on it, maybe she used it as an excuse if things were moving too fast or maybe she's had bad experiences with conflict in families before. Either way I would move on and respect her wish for space it doesn't sound like she's in love with you. Unfortunately sometimes people use 'being led by the holy spirit' as an excuse a
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