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  1. Thank you everyone for your replies. It's good to get other people's opinions sometimes. When we're in the weeds of things we don't always have a clear view of things. So, had a little chat with the guy. I just simply said that I like him a lot and would like to get to know him better and see where things go, but at the current rate of seeing each other I don't feel that this gives us a good opportunity to get to know each other better. And that I understand he has a lot to deal with and his schedule with the ex is complicated, but that I need to see him at least once a week for a proper
  2. @DancingFool I hear what you're saying. Attraction is a difficult thing though: you can't help being attracted to some people and can't help not being attracted to others, even if objectively you think that the one you're not attracted to is better for you. And unfortunately I couldn't make myself sleep with someone I have no attraction for, therefore one of those charismatic men will have to be more than just a disappointment or else I might just remain single forever! haha And speaking of being single, I broke up with that guy I was seeing for a year in June, and although I was dating s
  3. @smackie9 yes, you might be right! Not sure what other way there is to meet men these days!
  4. @Wiseman2 haha! To be honest I'm keeping an eye open for a possible #3. That being said, I'm feeling a bit exhausted by the whole dating thing, and I don't want to be in forever FOMO limbo. Since my separation with my ex husband just over 2 years ago, I've met over 30 men (and that's just the ones I met, you can imagine how many I chatted with online!). I've dated a few. One for a year but he ended up being bipolar! Another one that I dated for a few months was a workaholic (he was working 60-70 hours per week) and also turned out to have a dark past with drug addiction, then a third I dated f
  5. @Rose Mosse about the second guy,I don't think the distance is the main issue here necessarily. Reasons: 1) he is still in the region till September, so that's another 6 months to get to know each other (if I choose to do so) before he would be going back to Toronto. So, in that sense, if he were to come on weekends and sleep over after 6 months of dating I don't think that would be too soon 2) his sister lives here, so he wouldn't necessarily have to stay with me. He also did his undergraduate here, so has lots of friends in the region so wouldn't be dependant on me for his social l
  6. @Cherylyn I hear what you're saying, but I also disagree. I am myself a single mother with two children (he only has one). Dating, work, finances, ex, schedules etc are hard to juggle when you also have kids, but it is manageable. I manage. And I have dated a number of men in that situation who also managed. One guy I dated for a few months also had his kids 75% of the time since his ex also had a difficult work schedule and was not living in the neighbourhood near the kids' school, so weekdays they were always with him. We still managed to meet up on weekends, and he would get a baby sitter d
  7. @Rose Mosse Thank you for this! That's actually really great advice. I was considering having a talk with him, but I guess was unsure about how to phrase things. I have an unfortunate tendency to over explain myself in these situations, which doesn't always have the best outcome. But I know that making too many compromises won't make me happy, and therefore if we can't meet me at least halfway I will not want to pursue this. As for his dating history since his separation, I know he has met some other women, but he hasn't mentioned dating anyone else in the past years.
  8. I think what's difficult here for me is that I don't really know how to assess the situation. @Batya33 I hear what you're saying. I know quite a bit about her life actually. I don't know for a fact that she can change her schedule although I'm 90% sure that she has some say. I also know that she doesn't have other family obligations. And she lives with another man that has no children. She's a bit of a introvert and doesn't have a big social life. She mostly spends her free time at home. @SooSad33 I guess part of my hesitation is that I'm wondering if I'm asking too much, if my expectati
  9. @SooSad33 They don't have a schedule. Daughter is at school during the day. He has her evenings whenever his ex works evenings, which seems like most days. She also often works weekends. So, she takes the daughter when she has time and no other plans. He has been complaining about her schedule to me, but I feel that he's letting her get away with it. She's been a nurse in that hospital for 15+ years, so clearly she could arrange her schedule a bit differently. I work in the medical industry as well, and I know that she has a say about her schedule. I'm pretty sure he knows that too. S
  10. @melancholy123 They are definitely separated. Since they were not married, they just kind of settled things without mediator/lawyer etc. They were together only like 5 years or so. It seems that she got pregnant by accident, and then moved in with him and things didn't work out, so she moved out again. He has been talking in the last few weeks that he would like to have an official kind of notarized agreement about their child. Kind of a separation agreement I guess. In that document, he would like to agree on a schedule with the daughter he says. He brought this up several times, and keeps sa
  11. Hello. Would love some advice on this guy that I am dating. We met about two months ago through an online dating app. We hit it off right away, and he seemed eager to see me again as soon as possible. However, we have been seeing each other inconsistently: one week he would only have time for a lunch date, and the other week we would meet for dinner and he would sleep over. He is very busy, and is taking care of his daughter basically 70-80% of the time. His ex doesn't seem very involved. Plus, she is a nurse and he says that one week out of two she has evening and weekend shifts. T
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