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  1. Well considering I would be on maternity leave for the first year, and my job provides good maternity pay, I’m sure like many couples we would have plenty of time to arrange that between our schedules etc. I don’t think why asking about our marriage arrangement is relevant but we have talked about marriage on multiple occasions. It’s always something both of us have been clear with, and agreed we will.
  2. We have been together for two and a half years, and last year he moved 250 miles to be with me. We both work so we could financially cover the expenses of a child, he is more worried about his time, or more specifically how much less time he would have to write. He has already said that if it were to happen right now, he would apply for jobs at a university to teach, so it’s not like he doesn’t have real options. He’s told be since we started that he would love kids one day, and has told me he definitely wants them with me. He’s great with my niece and nephew.
  3. I am 29 and was recently told by my doctor that due to a pre-existing condition I am not ovulating, and if I want to conceive I will need to be referred to a fertility clinic for treatment. I understand that in the UK, you need to be trying for a baby for 12 months before a GP will consider a referral so I panicked and said we had been trying for a couple of months, which isn’t technically true but I have been off contraception for six months with my partners knowledge and encouragement. I thought the doctor might say that she would check-in in a few months, but she said said given the circums
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