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  1. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Lord. Sorry. I’m here. I’ve been working that’s why I haven’t responded. My daughter loves her dad. She misses him so bad when he’s not around. She’s not herself when we’re apart. I wish there was a fly on the wall to put into words for u guys every little detail. It’s not as easy as everyone makes it sound to just up and leave like that. I think my first step is to get into therapy.
  2. Yes you’re exactly right. He threatens my years ago drug use that he found..
  3. Because he threatens things that he knows bothers me.
  4. Thank you for responding. I really do appreciate it.
  5. Thank you for responding. I’ve known what to do for some time now I’m just a coward I guess. I barely want to get out of bed let alone do what needs to be done. It sounds silly but I’m not strong enough to do this alone. I need a support system behind me and I don’t have that.
  6. You’re exactly right. Only one narcissist under one roof. My mom is the puppet master there.
  7. Ok. So I’ve been married for 16 years to my husband who NEVER shows me affection or any attention at all. He literally will not speak two words to me or our 11 yr old daughter. HERE’S THE KICKER.. He can spend NUMEROUS hours talking to “his friends” ALL DAY long but can’t say anything to us. It’s depressing at our house. Our daughter has Type One diabetes and barely any friends. I’ve tried getting him to go to counseling with me but he refuses. We have lived in a mobile home ever since we’ve married and he will ABSOLUTELY NOT do anything or even talk about bettering our future. He refuses to e
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