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  1. Yeah him breaking his word part definitely bugs me. I think though the biggest part that bothers me is him lusting after someone else, and I do feel I am growing as a women and this is something I want to overcome and become more confident thats why I said I recognize this and I am looking for skills advice on how to do that 🙂
  2. No there is not. Honestly I think I had a very idealistic idea of what it means to be in love with someone and I am starting to realize its not a fairytale all the time haha if that makes sense? I am 25 so I guess I still have a lot of growing to do. Thats why I want to find ways to not get so in my head about the little things like this.
  3. We have been together over two years and hes 26.
  4. I get extremely jealous when it comes to my boyfriend on social media. We have a great sex life and good relationship but this one issue drives me mad for some reason! I think social media in general just really has an intense affect on me , I am very sensitive and have my own self esteem struggles. When we first started dating he followed the usual half naked instagram models , and unfollowed them at the beginning of our relationship because he wasnt "into that anymore". Over our two years together there has been an instance when we were chilling on the couch and scrolling through insta and I caught a glimpse of his explore page as he went on his search which I saw had some cleary half naked models. I got super upset and he had no choice but to admit to it haha , at that point I told him I am not personally cool with that at all and he said he wouldnt look them up anymore and he doesnt really care about it anyways. Fast forward to yesterday I used his insta to look up my brother who blocked me( thats a whole other story haha) and saw some of those same types on insta models on his explore page. Ever since I have driven myself mad about this. At this point in life I know no matter what he is going to come across these images and attractive women in real life of course. I just want to know if anyone has dealt with this as well as any tips on how to not let jealousy take over my mind because I go down the rabbit hole and think crazy.
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