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  1. This sounds like an unrequited love situation. As a person who dealt with this kind of hot and cold "relationship" for almost a decade - RUN, don't walk! This man uses you to entertain him when he's bored and essentially to stroke his ego. I'm sure he finds you attractive. But attraction alone is not enough to start it maintain a relationship. You can be physically attracted to someone but have no desire to have any sort of romantic relationship with them. It's covid-19, and you probably won't see him in person again anyway. Cut your losses, go completely no contact, an
  2. I do receive assistance through food stamps or EBT so I can cover food expenses. My daughter also has medicaid to cover health expenses. Housing assistance is very rare here in Georgia, and Covid-19 has made things worse. I would probably not touch as housing program at this time as there are people without a home that really need the help. I'm noe looking for a room share or a roommate with good credit, as Wiseman2 above recommended.
  3. THIS. I have been doing networking through linkedin (I have over 700 connections), attending virtual job fairs, and reaching out to previous professors for letters of recommendation (I'm applying to graduate school), I definitely felt better. I need to be consistent and learn to not able things my family does to personally; it's challenging because some of the things they do are definitely personal and specifically targeted towards me and/or my daughter. I'll keep this in mind when I hit a lull in my action. Thank you!!!
  4. Thank you so much to both of you! I have been adamantly looking for work, but I want to make sure I can earn enough to comfortably afford a place. Rent is very expensive, which is why I left the apartment I'd been in for 8 years to live with my family. I need to make 3x the rent and for a 2 bedroom, it would cost at least $1300 a month. For a studio/1br, it's about at least a $1000. Just to give context. However, I will look into rooms for rent, as I'd been focusing on apartments for rent with landlords and extended stay hotels. Thank you for this idea! Unfortunately, my daughter's
  5. I grew up in a family with two parents and 3 other siblings. As the oldest, I felt I had to carry the family, as many eldest children do. I went above and beyond the call, as my parents turned out to be insufficient parents - they were very hot and cold with their affection, and either neglected us or outright physically or emotionally abused us. Fast forward to adulthood. I'm in my 30s, with a middle school daughter, back to living at home during covid-19. I lost my job did to the pandemic, but I've been fortunate enough to build savings. I know I'm extremely lucky just to have a
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