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  1. Thanks for the positivity yes! we can all make it through ahaha
  2. it’s like life itself is a betrayal but sometimes during the happiness it isn’t so bad. i am only thankful for one man in this world and that’s my bf i love him more than everything and thank God for him so much. he’s the reason i am still holding on to hope that things will get better
  3. I feel disgusting. my parents never cared or saw me as a blessing but as a mistake, maybe that has something to do with it. everyone i ever was friends with left for “better” (fake) people. then some ppl say what if you are the only one here and no one else exists. the theories are endless
  4. I am a 21 year old college student and I cry everyday thinking about the disgusting fact that the events occurred to get to where i am now, on earth. you go up and talk to someone about how it’s weird to be human and no one seems to question it and they look you at you like ur crazy. i have had depression but i know this isn’t depression. this is the deep realization that the most superficial act that people do just to achieve a good feeling brought me and everyone else into this world. i can’t stop thinking how selfish it is for people to have children. the women are abused and they don’t eve
  5. We were always off and on we never made it official at all but he would be romantic and then be super rude to me. Like if I was hanging out with my friends and I invited him over he would only talk to them and didn’t even say hey to me
  6. He also added me on venmo last week after changing his number? so weird
  7. Well do you think all those things are a yes because are you also a man? Because i’ve been trying to ask a man if this is the case since girls don’t usually do stuff like this. I would lead me on some time he was so romantic and we would do the cutest things like travel, take baths together, all of the cute couple stuff and he would sneak me into his house while his family was asleep so we could makeout and cuddle. We made it official in october 2020 and he said he’d move i with me and he didn’t talk to me for months after that until i texted him off a random number asking why he did me like t
  8. I have known this man since i was a freshman in high school and he was a senior. We really fell in love with each other more than anyone i’ve ever known it felt so magical and then i noticed that he started to changed around his second year of college. He used to text me all the time but after his second year of college he transferred to a different school and this is around the time i noticed him changing and he became kinda rude but then would be super sweet to me at times. He would say how he just isn’t interested in me and how he’s have girlfriends. He’d see me on the weekends and holidays
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