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  1. Your right I guess since we were together since we were 16-17 she still had some maturing to do and I also forgot to add that when we broke up she said I never valued her time since I always working running my own business and still working a full time job but she forgot all the things I did for her I taught her how to drive helped her get her license bc nobody in her family would when ever she needed to get something on credit she couldn’t bc she didn’t have any credit so I would go sign for her when ever her car broke down or when she didn’t have one I would let her use mine since I had mul
  2. Hi, just recently broke up with my GF (20) me (22) we were together for 6 years knew each other for about 10 years. We had a great relationship went on vacations helped eachother did everything together we also had our ups and downs nothing that we couldn’t work out. None of us ever cheated and this is the first time we’ve broken up in the 6 years. Leading to the break up she had got very upset bc I went to go pick up some rims instead of going to return her kitchen appliance we had a big argument that day a couple of weeks pass by and I get upset at her bc she was being rude in the sto
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