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  1. This is true, but I am sure you also know that the bible says that same sex (sex) is wrong as well and adultery is a sin as well with a man or another woman. As some others have said you only have 3 choices: 1) Divorce 2) Stay married and have ONS with other woman as you feel you need to. 3) Stay happily married and continue to work on your lovemaking with your husband. Best of luck!
  2. Since you @kjkjkj123did not really tell us anything about your marriage that would cause you to just start casually start having sex with a co-worker. The above sentence from your post might tell you all you need to know. He could be just getting you to do sexual things that his gf won't do with him and that's all he wants. He flirted to get what he wanted and is now getting. Did you ever talk to BS about the things you wanted to try in the bedroom? Also, since you did not provide any info of the state of your marriage you need to do one of two things: Come clean to your husband about your affair and work it out if he is willing. The other option is to divorce your husband and lay your cards on the table and let your AP how you feel and see if he is willing to leave his gf and commit only to you. What you are doing now is totally selfish and is not fair to either your spouse I'm not sure how long you been married and together but that doesn't matter you are treating him horrible as is your AP to his girl friend as well.
  3. This is true. Also with your work schedule this could be the first time or could have been going on for a long while it may be the only way you will figure anything out. Best of luck I hope it is nothing.
  4. Thanks sorry I missed that. lol
  5. I think you probably know. I would be checking phone and computer now before anything is deleted. Also, do a backup of the cloud if things were deleted in a rush things could still be out there. In hindsight it would have probably been better to lay low and do your checking without her suspecting anything if she is cheating (I hope not) it will go more underground. A couple of questions do you have kids? or is she free to go out at night while you are working? If so I would put a GPS on car and a VAR. Also a VAR or hidden video recorder in the house. Does your wife work during the day or are you both at home? Best of luck!
  6. I agree with the first thing that @Tinydanceask you do you even want to have kids now? I do think you both need to be on the same page before having kids. It's a big thing in a marriage. However, I think you need to see his point of view. You have been together actually going on 14 years. Actually, 30 is getting to the point you need to be getting ready and having kids at this point by the time they go off to college you are going to be pushing 50. I do think it is immature of your husband to not have intimacy with you unless you are doing it only to get pregnant. Finally I think you guys need to go to marriage counseling. Best of luck!
  7. Hey @Rachell87reading your post and was just curious if you had any updates on your situation.
  8. Must have been or I think he would have posted saying it was not.🤨
  9. I'm sorry @Milasia but if I was your boyfriend to me you made your decision when you told him you would not break off all contact with Mike. How could you possibly expect your bf to allow you to continue you have any contact with a guy that you lied to him about for 8+ years when you said you were just friends then you lied to go see him knowing full well in your heart you were going there to have sex with Mike when you went there. How could you with a straight face think or even ask your bf to stay with you while allowing you to still talk and see Mike.
  10. Hey @meg90just curious you haven't posted any updates. You know you really have 3 options only: 1) Talk to your husband and tell him your true feelings that you have been cheating on him since your intial hall pass, and that you would like to continue having a "open relationship". (this is the best and honest approach) I think you already know that. 2) Do the above without saying that you have been selfishly continuing to cheat on your husband these past few months and go out it like you want to start now. 3) Continue as you are behind his back by flat out lying to him or lie by omission and compartmentalize and go on and try and be guilt free cheating 4 on your poor trusting unsuspecting spouse. 4) Divorce him and apologize for what you have done and allow both of you go on with your lives. Please share with us and update.
  11. How about you and your wife both go for a couples massage? That may put some spark back into your love life with each other.
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