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  1. This is what I plan to send in a text. "Saw the venmo, appreciate it. You didn't have to that. Hope you are doing well." Short and simple
  2. Ok thanks again for the help. She just sent me a venmo reimbursing me for a couple things but also extra money for her christmas gift to me of a trip out of state we planned on taking. Just making it worse.
  3. We have not been talking since, I wanted to give her space and not reach out yet even tho I desperately do just to see if shes doing ok. She said in the breakup it just wasn't working out along with saying I'm perfect multiple times. Made it confusing plus again it's been 3 weeks and apparently she hasn't changed social media. Do I reach out to her roommate?
  4. she didn't really give me a reason just that it wasn't working out. She has a lot of stuff going on in her life. Stressful job working long hours, her best friend and roommate of 15 years is moving to another state and she's also not happy where shes at religiously. I know she had sincere feelings for me but again think she is just overwhelmed with life currently.
  5. Thanks for the responses. Just find it strange she hasn't updated social media after 3 weeks. Seems like everyone updates accounts within a couple days. Have already deactivated account because you're right, seeing her profile was making things worse.
  6. Long story short, my girlfriend ended it with me after dating 8 months. This happened 3 weeks ago. I'm having a hard time moving on and apparently she is to, she hasn't changed Facebook relationship status or profile picture with me and her in it. When should I reach out or do I wait for her to?
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