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  1. Srs question. I’m an objectively attractive, fit young female. I know my boyfriend watches porn about once a week. For the most part it doesn’t bother me but I’d like a little perspective as to why. Our sex life is great. There are no performance issues. I never turn him down he never turns me down. We are both up for trying new things. We’re both fit and attractive. The porn he looks at is tame. Milfs, ebony, secretary, etc. (I’m a 20 something blonde white girl who’s in shape). So I’m just curious about the porn usage. Is just to look at things that aren’t me? It has nothing to do with him having a higher sex drive as I’m always in the mood and our schedules line up pretty well. I’m also sure he’s attracted to me and likes having sex and trying new things with me. I’m just wondering why men who are completely satisfied with their girlfriends sexually and appearance wise also look at porn. Thanks!
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