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  1. First thing I want to say is that I am really sorry about your child's disease. I hope it's not ultimate... About your friend, I had a similar one. We were best friends, enjoyed common things and loved talking about such things (like movies or books etc.). Yet whenever I texted her about something personal (long-distance friendship too with occasional visits about 4 times a year), the conversation always stopped. She wouldn't even reply for about a month and then would get back with an apology that something came up to it and started describing her problems. This friendship lasted
  2. Thank you very much for reading my post and going through the trouble of replying. Honestly, I don't think my break up is that essential to this. Yes, I acknowledge that my emotions might feel stronger due to that but really, these feelings I have for her are going waay back before the break up happened. The break up is quite fresh, yeah. Not even a week ago. But I was probably over this relationship for quite some time since it's not hitting me that hard. Or it's too fresh and I am still living with him so it might hit me later on when I move out. Or not. We'll see. The truth is that I a
  3. I started writing this as a reply to super old thread (link) but it said I should start a new topic. The story in the link is very similar to mine. Yet a bit different. I am about to tell you about relationship with my best friend that I love more than I can bear. I don't know. She is a straight girl and I was also always attracted to men, yet a bit less since I am somewhere on the asexual spectre. I don't know how to call her since "best friend" doesn't sound right, it's more like we're soulmates or whatever. I don't think there's a word for how we feel, that is. We're the most important
  4. I know this is super old thread, I actually found the other one where you shared your story first and then went on here to see how'd you cope with that situation. And I would love to hear updates that happened over the years with the relationship you have or had with this friend. Are you still like that? What is my point is that I can relate to about everything you've written down and gosh how intense feelings I had while reading it. I felt so happy for you that you found someone like that and I felt so proud of how mutual it was between you and how open you were about it. But I also felt
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