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  1. Thx you, each day gets a little easier, thank you for reading my post.
  2. I haven’t yet. I have just been reading online and watching different videos.. speaking with close friend and family is all I’ve done so far.
  3. My ex was an alcoholic. I fell in love but it still hurts that we parted ways. Some may say I dodged a bullet, others will say that I put up with it. I used to view him drinking 8 coolers and a half a bottle of whiskey a night as normal after awhile. This happened nightly. Never a night of not drinking. On wkds I used to think it was becoming normal he was drinking hard liquor to get through the day at 9am. I used to wake up to my blankets being torn off from him falling on the floor. I’ve been yelled at, tossed into the couch for confronting him about a txt from his ex wife. I’ve been n
  4. I think I would take this experience as an exciting and magical time during your vacation but I would carry on with my life. Just continue to do your own thing for now. You will get a sense of the direction via txt but I agree with Andrina, I wouldn’t spend money going his way. It sounds like this was more of a fling during a vacation at this time.
  5. Just a quick update.. since I have been doing NC he’s txt nasty things to me. I’ve blocked and removed him from social media. The insults disrespecting my family, insulting my past and decisions and my previous father of my children. I was accused of not giving him a baby and now “his ship has sailed” I received a phone call in the am to “apologize” I am devastated and feel sick. Also heard he’s trying to pick up another female at work... why did I waste this time with him? Why does it still hurt?
  6. Toxic relationships are some of the most damaging and difficult to walk away from. The constant cycle of back and forth puts us in a mercy of “maybe I did something wrong” or “maybe things will change if only..” it’s mentally exhausting and it chops away slowly at your self esteem. It sounds like she likes your attention and the power she holds in a sense. Don’t give her anymore power. You’ve tried and you’ve done all you can. I know it’s hard but you don’t want more years invested into this. It has not changed and it won’t. You need to go through the motions of closing the door/ chapter of
  7. You are definitely not over reacting. This is incredibly hurtful. Red flags were there from the beginning from the messaging other girls and you gave him another chance because you love him. Don’t beat yourself up over this but it has gotten increasingly worse and how many more boundaries are you willing to let him break? This is a huge breach to your trust and it will be very difficult to move past this if he’s not willing to admit or take accountability to his actions. I know this because I’ve been there. There will always be a part of you wondering “what is he doing” etc. It does not get a
  8. Thank you Batya33 and Rose. I really appreciate your responses. Rose, I have to say this is what my gut has been saying all along 😞 I never wanted to believe it. Yes the online profile does have similar qualities to myself that is why I feel it struck a nerve when he kept re adding etc. Batya, yes I am able to afford a home on my own. I have never relied on him financially and I could afford to pay half the house. We work at the same establishment him making a few dollars more than myself, but I should have explained a bit more... it was a home that was beautiful to me and I would have lov
  9. I feel like there could be some chemistry here, he’s flirting with you. I would continue about your usual routine as everyday and see where this goes. I definitely feel there’s attraction between you two but I wouldn’t go as far as giving him your number right away. Keep things a mystery for a bit and see where this goes. Don’t act on anything yet.
  10. Hi thank you for reading this. Much love and appreciation to you. I am a single mom of 2 young children. I went through a separation, sold my home, changed careers and moved to a new city for a fresh start in life although I had to move in with my parents temporarily until I got a new place here. I have a great relationship with my ex and we co parent for our children. We still are the best of friends. I met a new man when I first started working in the new city. He approached me via social media. We began to chat and eventually txted daily. He told me from the beginning “I am not exactl
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