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  1. Yes! Thank you! Nobody seems to get that.
  2. When it's good it's great. Before her I was lonely. Since I found my father's dead body I have not wanted to be alone and continue to think things will get better. Yes she contributes by paying the utilities, and some groceries. Her whole family is full of functional alcoholics, but all fairly well off drs and lawyers. i can't afford legal action. She reminds me that she can. I don't want to lose her, I just want this to stop. Thanks for the positivity and not avoiding me off beating her up like the last guy.
  3. "Wise"man2, No the police have not been here. Because I don't beat her up, but if someone hitting you with a broom handle I feel that you have every right to stop them by grabbing their wrists to stop them immediately while telling them to stop relatedly. How is putting a plant in the window abuse again? She has repeatedly rammed me like a mountain yak, running to speed into me for trophy bruises. She tried to physically attack me the day after a double mastectomy and I literally ran away because I thought she was going to hurt herself. Thought I was clear about that in my original post to whe
  4. It's seems so weird to type out, but it's like she is trying to get me to hit her. Not for some sort of weird sex thing, but because she wants a bruise she can photograph and control me with. I let her move in and she won't move out. I've asked her to after multiple episodes she's had, and she refuses. Not sure I want to give up on us after 8 years but it's an emotional roller coaster ride to the extreme. She can't control herself when it happens. Even when her kids are here and upset by her "episode" for lack of a better term. The pandemic has made it so much worse. She's super cute, tiny, e
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