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  1. Oh trust me I have tried that. But he said he’s done talking about. And I told him that when he says things like idk, he’s leaving things up in the air. And he goes silent. It becomes talking to a wall honestly. I’ve asked the same thing several times in different ways and his response will be idk or shuts down. The people that know him keep telling me he’ll come around and to just let it be. 🙄
  2. If I were to make a list of the good and bad, there’s definitely more good than there is bad. But this type of behavior is very bothersome for me. If I talk about it, he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like feeling like he needs to express emotions. I try to let it go, but then he’s still standoffish but also reaching out on his own. And then when I ask if he’s genuinely done, his response is idk or he’ll think about it, just leaving things up in the air. Which puts me in a tough spot mentally. I don’t want it to end. I’m always the one trying to fix it, somehow. How effective is being distant and silent treatment with a man?
  3. Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible he’s a narc?
  4. Ugh you may be right. He refuses to talk emotions and he has this super hardcore alpha male vibe going on so he’s hard to approach when he’s like this. This part of him overtakes all the good he does.
  5. We have been together a year. I’m 29 and he’s 30. He leaves once a month for a couple of days. I never got the “fooling around” vibe but it’s the mixed signals and not being able to answer if he’s really done that’s confusing.
  6. On Wednesday I got sad/upset because he found out last minute that he had to leave for a mission right before Valentine’s Day so our plans got cancelled. Before I could explain to him on the phone that I wasn’t upset with him, I was just upset with the situation, he hung up. He texts me that he’s done. So my initial reaction was to cry and tell him I’m sorry and that whatever the issue is, we’ll fix it. He’s very very very stubborn so he’s like no no I’m done. This is Wednesday. We still had plans Thursday to see each other, which didn’t happen. All of Thursday were going back and forth through texts, which I know didn’t make it better. His flight was Saturday (his unit is in NOLA) so we have a routine of me always dropping him off at the airport. Anyway, I asked if he still wanted me to take him since we’re broken up. He says yeah. So Saturday is my first time seeing him since he broke up with me Wednesday. I go there and my emotions are kinda high so I asked him if he’s genuinely done with me or just frustrated? He kept saying “idk” which was frustrating me and I told him when he says idk that leaves me in a confused and hopeful spot... I kept asking so he got annoyed and he’s like “no your answer is no. I’m done since you keep asking” So I got upset and went and sat in the car. He comes to the car, puts his bags up and then comes around the drivers seat and he’s like I forgot to give you a kiss... (so now I’m even more confused) I don’t say anything during the drive and he tries to put his hand on my leg. So I’m sitting there quiet more confused. We get to the airport and he leaves his vape in my car and then I got out to help with his bags, and he kisses me and is like I’ll see you when I get back... I’m more confused. Typically before he leaves, I’ll text him like have a safe flight, and before he lands I’ll be like hey did you land? Are you ok, blah blah. I didn’t ask if he boarded his flight, he texted me saying bye. I didn’t ask if he landed either, he texts me and says he landed. So I’m more confused. He typically texts me good morning but hasn’t since yesterday, I have. And the weather is bad so I’ve checked up on him. I asked him again today through texts if he will think about it and his response was “yea.” So I asked when and his response was “I don’t know when I get to it.” It’s like he reaches out and wants to talk but then when I talk or ask about the relationship part, he doesn’t. Am I being too forceful? Should I just completely not talk to him and give him space or what should I do? I’m racking my brain and don’t know what all this even means. Does it sound like he’s genuinely done or being impulsive?
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