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  1. i think the only option ive got is to comment on something when she puts up a story or dm her something about one of her pictures which im pretty sure the picture will be attached to it
  2. well ive thought of 2 things. i can ask her "is this that famous alleyway in the city?" or the second one, ive seen a few people take photos in the same place she took that photo, think its a reception or something so i might ask "where is this place? ive seen so many people take photos here" or something along those lines. the photo is two months old tho, that should be fine tho right?
  3. Question. how long should i wait after i follow her to message her or should i comment on a story she puts up? she doesnt have anything interesting, just pictures of herself in different places. 2 which are weddings, one in a famous alleyway with graffiti i think, one in a park that i recognise, one in a place which i have no clue and a few random ones. as you can tell, ive got no game and asking for any help i can get 😭 the initial part is the hardest for me, the rest im fine with
  4. if i like a post and she puts up story on her instagram, if i comment on it, wouldnt that be too eager as well? i dont see any other way of talking to her other than either messaging her, or commenting on a story she puts up
  5. Hey guys. so ive told my sisters and cousins about her and turns out, they dont know her as well so meeting through a mutual person is unlikely. ive thought of messaging her cousin which she has posted of them two together and getting to know him and then getting introduced to her through him. thats option 1 and option 2 is just messaging her. ive come up with this, let me know if it can be improved in anyway. "Hey. I know this is really random and I really didn’t want to message you online, would’ve much rather talked to you in person but I don’t think ive ever seen you, even though we’r
  6. so in her bio, she has french fries hold the french. i was thinking of following her and saying "i hope you havent heard this before but do you know where french fries were first made?" " they were made in greece". id rather come off as cheeky than be straight up serious. would this be a good opening line? its asking a question and come off as a bit playful
  7. I may have come up with something. She has a line about french fries in her bio so i was thinking of messaging her "Did you know that the first ever French Fry wasn’t cooked in France? It was cooked in Greece". how does that sound?
  8. I'm sure this has probably been posted before but there's this girl that I saw on instagram who's from the same background and religion as me who I want to start talking to and maybe move into something. I'm hesitant in messaging her cause probably ever other guy has done the same so I'm scared of just saying hi and getting no response cause that is kinda boring. I'm thinking of saying "hey bareeduu" (which means beautiful in our language) or saying "I'm finally here, sorry I took so long" in which she might say what are you talking about and I'll say "I'm here to change your life" kinda
  9. 2 weeks into no contact with ex that i work with every now and then. ever since i started no contact, ive made no contact, not even acknowledged her. is this bad? she walked passed me today and i feel like she slowed down a little but i didnt look at her so she kept walking. is it bad that i dont acknowledge her at all? i see her on registers or sometimes we walk past each other but i dont look at her or in her direction. should i look at her every now and then? i dont know if me not acknowledging her at all will do anything. i dont know how to act
  10. mutually broke up with ex gf cause of some issue (long story). she said she didnt want to lose me and still wanted to be friends. i work with this girl and ever since the break up, shes made no attempt at trying to talk to me. i decided im going to do no contact so im not even looking at her when we walk passed each other but the fact the she said she still wants to be friends yet she hasnt reached out is kind of disappointing and confusing. nonetheless, we worked with each other yesterday and i was still doing no contact. i went to go in the break room which i didnt know she was in, push
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