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  1. thanks definitely moved away from any contact or following (hence the unfollow on IG). I appreciate that advice. Not easy at all
  2. I have to agree. The no-sex period and constant fighting certainly had her mind thinking that way and my idiot move I view as the tipping point. But the post breakup stuff is more confusing perhaps she thought she could make it work but she viewed me differently. I hope she is happy as can be but selfishly I'd like for her to give me another chance at some point down the road. Even tho I shouldn't sit around hoping for that if a ton of time passes by. I appreciate that response it was very thought out
  3. Yes, I agree with that time frame that it really has only been since December. I am well aware that it is a horrible idea. But again I owned up to it. And to be honest, she obviously was not happy prior to that point it seems. I was just clueless. But I owned up to my mistakes and learned from it. We are right for each other and I will always believe that whether she gives me another chance or not.
  4. Listen I fully appreciate your advice here. But to be honest, if she is going through my phone she was at the point of not trusting me (which had done nothing prior to prove that). She told me her previous relationships the guys treated her awful so I did everything in my power to treat her right. I owned up to the mistake of the text to my friend who happened to be a girl. I admitted it was wrong to say I'm not serious, faithful or ready to commit off that is just offensive. I do not believe that it "is a done deal."
  5. This is the short version of my story. I dated this amazing girl for nearly 2 years. We have a five year age gap. I went on a series of bad dates prior to meeting her and knew immediately she was different. I met her entire family and she met mine. We went on many vacations and trips and she moved into my apartment with my roommate after around 5 months of dating. We were best friends (she said that to me the last time I saw her that I am her best friend), did everything together and talked about marriage and said I love you always. I work from home and we spent a lot of time together and I di
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