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  1. I think it would be better I mention it to her but that would be difficult since they are family friends and then everyone would get involved. Maybe if I ignore the advances he will give up.
  2. I haven’t reacted to the whispers or suggestions. This is what he’s been doing to me, I’ve been very proper and not expressing anything specifically towards him. The wife and I are fine together and she wants to hang out with me too, for example lunches, workouts etc. The part the is so confusing is the sensual dancing in front of her and her reaction as if it’s normal and okay. I’m not initiating or pushing for anything.
  3. Not the only time but during dancing he does it the most. This time he was more physical and he made it clear a few times during the evening that he wants to take it to the next level. When saying the good byes for the night, he told me to text him when I’m ready. The wife was busy saying goodbye to the others.
  4. I have decided to distance myself from the couple. It would not be kind or smart to continue for everyone involved. I’m not trying to get attention here and I’m not seeking it from him either. I think it’s best not to be a part of any of the social gatherings unless absolutely necessary. I see everyone’s point and the mess it would cause us all. I would rather not get involved with him, it seems too complicated.
  5. I do care otherwise I would not be writing here and asking for opinions. I’m not interested in a swinging relationship as I never entertained that idea before, I probably would not feel comfortable going the direction.
  6. I’m not spending all my time on this as I am very busy with work but it is part of my social life at the moment. I don’t think a middle aged man in a negative way and being flattered is always a nice thing regardless of the scenario. The wife is perplexing and I truly don’t know what her opinion is about her husband. She may be tolerating his actions for now or may be ok with it. I have a separate relationship with her and I am able to keep my feelings for her husband to myself.
  7. I would not like it and would be skeptical of my husband.
  8. I’m not entertaining the idea of a swinger situation just trying to figure out if they are into that or not. I’m only attracted to the husband but she does seem oddly cool with the dancing part. He seems like he’s being secretive when he whispers to me and doesn’t want the wife to hear. I guess sooner or later we will know where this is all going for now I’m just observing the situation.
  9. Yes, I’m always stepping away and he comes right back to dance with me and leaves the wife to the side or we dance all together and he puts me in the middle and she’s in front of me.
  10. Yes we are a few years apart, 50, 52, 56
  11. I agree with this view, I’m not involved but if I was to get involved it would be easier for me to go ahead with it since he is married and can’t commit. I am friends with his wife, we get along and we are slowly building a nice friendship. I would like to be friends with both as I find them pleasant and interesting even though he has been very flirtatious with me.
  12. This happened to be a small gathering but I also like to dance by myself during parties as well. In this case the wife and I started to dance first then he joined us.
  13. Yes, I feel comfortable knowing he’s not so easily available. I guess this is a way for me to keep a distance but still be involved with him. Thank you for your insight.
  14. I haven’t done anything just wondering what’s going on between the two of them. I didn’t use the word creepy, I find it unusual behavior for a married couple. I have not witnessed these ways before so I’m interested in being able to recognize and understand it. I have never dreamt of being a mistress either, this is not my intentions.
  15. I find him attractive but not sure about the rest. No, my family is not forcing me to dance , I love to dance on my own, especially at events.
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