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  1. You can't force anybody to love you back. If she has given her statement about your relationship you have to move out from here.
  2. It's 100% wrong. If he really loves you then can't to this to you.
  3. Hello, Why don't you ask him directly about he is interested in you or not? Then you can think about going date or dropping him.
  4. @Cherylyn Hey dear, Thanks for your advice. I've also heard some of broken love stories of my friends where mostly boys had commitment issues. I never thought that I will go through the same heartbreaking & breathtaking phase. Once my best friend was crying on my shoulder because her boyfriend did the same and she has to marry the boy her parents picked. She had advised me to say yes to the boy only who will marry me. I was totally fallen for him so didn't considered this advice first and when I, it was like this. I can't even express my feelings to my best friend or anybody else because my loveship was confidential one. So I came here and I got the true and realistic advices from all of you. I really appreciate his honesty so that I left him very silently without doing any fight. I am just being busy in my own life.
  5. @MissCanuck Yes, obliviously we have no future. I am no more connected to him.
  6. @Clio Thanks. I am the one who loves him unconditionally but he is not! I have make up my mind and has moved on from him.
  7. @SherrySher Hey thanks for your amazing advice. That's his loss, not mine.
  8. @smackie9 Yes, you are right. I am also confused that if he already knows that he can't go for lifetime commitment then why he started it!!! I argued with him about this and he stayed silent and said his intentions are not bad and he really loves me. Even he said if I think this is not going to work then we can stop and can be in contact only. He will be ok if I will only talk to him. One more thing he said, "don't prioritize me more than your family. And get marry to the boy they will decide for you because they are your parents and they always wants good for you." I was like you are my lover and saying this to me, my family will no never go against my happiness and they have given me freedom of choosing my life partner. In the end no result. He said he don't want to talk about this more and want some space. It was hard to believe so I didn't talked about it again then.
  9. @smackie9 Actually he is living in a boy's hostel in my city so I only know basic information about his family. I never asked about it in details.
  10. @Rose Mosse Thanks. I believe that I will get a person who will love me the way I do.
  11. @Hollyj Thanks for your kind words. Yes I blocked him.
  12. @smackie9 We never got in the conversation about marriage and all. I never asked him about it because we were just friends before. And I thought that if his family is really restricted then he will change their opinion. In the end love wins. But I was so stupid.😞
  13. @Wiseman2 Yes, obviously. I will stay far far away from anyone scheduled for an arranged marriage.
  14. Thanks a lot... @Hollyj @smackie9 @melancholy123 @Rose Mosse @Andrina @Batya33 @Lambert @Wiseman2 @MissCanuck Somehow I was feeling the same way you all said. I am going to end it seriously. I know it's damn hard for me because I really cherished him but I have to do it. I can't even describe in words that how I am feeling right now!!! Thanks once again and wish me best luck for bright and happy future.🙂
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