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  1. My girlfriend asked me if she could come stay with me because of the bad treatment she had at her home. She has no parents, her two older sisters are the ones looking after her. Things were so bad at her home that I felt she could come stay with just 2 months in the relationship. The problem is I have just gotten a job and I have noticed that ever since she started staying me I struggle to pay off my debts and I can't save any money. This hurts me because I don't see progress in my own life, she is relying on me so heavily on everything, don't get me wrong she is a good lady helps around the house and all but I don't know if I can do this any longer, when she moved in with me I thought she just needed time away from the sisters things will get better maybe they might talk things through, it's been 5months now and it doesn't look like they will resolve anything. Iam not ready to move in with anybody, like I said before I only agreed as I thought it was a temporary thing, these are not the conditions that I wanna live with, iam doing so little in my own life because of this.... Will I be betraying her if I asked her to try resolve things with her sisters and move back home? What is the right thing to do please help
  2. Well my girlfriend says she has low libido she has had this problem for years I picked up this when I realized she never initiates sex, as much as I love her I find it hard to believe it and it's ruining our relationship I mean how do you date someone whom you never feel sexually attracted to them. These are not the conditions I wanna live with please help
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