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  1. That's subjective opinion. There are 40 year old boys. I am a 16 year old man.
  2. Thanks for the thoughtful and insightful response. The last thing I want to do is stress her or sweat her. I respect her time, decisions, boundaries, and wants. She is a grown woman. Whatever she decides to do is what is going to happen and I respect that. I know that she's dealt with some struggles, tribulations and failures during her life and I am here for her. I'm not one to want to change people or make them do things they don't want to do. I plan to reveal to her how I truly feel towards her and I know that the feeling is mutual. She doesn't have to do any of that extra for me. The way she is suffices. Me and her share some of the same psyche. I've had conversations with her that I've never had with anybody before and there is a deep trust built between us. We understand eachother extremely well. When it's all said and done, she'll still want what she wants and that is her freedom. I get her off mentally when I talk deep with her. My main goal with revealing my feelings towards her is the maturation of our love and the confirmation of all of my perpetual thoughts. I can't guarantee forever, but I can guarantee that it's gonna get better and easier for her. Not only in a superficial and monetarily sense. I can modify her confidence and weary thoughts. I can whisper in her ear and make her spirit fly. Age of consent in my state is 16 so I can also satiate her womanly parts...you get the point of what I'm saying. I'm trying to say that I'm certain our relationship together is like a godess to a god. We fit so perfectly together and I wish I could show you the type of conversations we have together. She says I'm better than anyone in her phone when it comes to our conversations. In terms of mentally or intellectually. I write metaphors and similes to stimulate her thoughts and she is a very logical and rational woman. A trait we both have in union. We're both grown and mature, so however we feel we can let it show. I never had that much luck with girls before. They had turned me cold and I never found the girl that I loved before reconnecting with this 18 year old. I had given up on love. But for this amazing woman I can work miracles. I'll work her physical. When I hug her close our heart beat is felt through our clothes. I'd really like to tell her how I feel and what she has given me. How can I tell her how I feel subtly without giving away too much my friend?
  3. I'm just wanting her to reassess all of her options and realise that only with me she'll have true love by her side. I can give her fairy tale type love. I can fulfill all of her needs on a deep level. I know what I bring to the table and can offer her. No matter what anyone says, we have a real love.
  4. I don't know many females brother. How can I find another one who isn't a total bird brain?
  5. How can I find another woman like her? I never felt this way for any female before. I only think and dream about her
  6. I don't think there is anything wrong with a woman dating a man two years younger than her. She sees that mentally and physically I am a grown man with a strong work ethic and mental fortitude. We are equals. Girls my age don't want a man like me because they are chasing those players and womanizers. I am not that. I know how to treat a woman and give her what she wants and needs. I can do her wonders and miracles. She is the smartest woman I know and I trust in her decision making capability. I only doubt her decision to stay with this 24 year old who cannot make her dreams a reality. I don't believe our love is a mistake. I only think the circumstances of this situation aren't ideal for us and that the world is against our love flourishing.
  7. Bro, I know she is looking for love just like I am. She can't have authentic true love with a guy like him. I can give her a fairy tale. All she has to do is say the word and we'll start. I can show her a side of love that she has never seen before. I can see all of this going down. I imagine her in my arms & she can fulfill my fantasy. This reality is just hard to face
  8. I feel like I am already a grown man. I am 6'6" tall and have my own income. I will be 17 years old in April. I don't ever fall for any girls. None of the girls at my school entrapped me in such a way as she did. She gives me a sensation that I've never felt before. It feels so bad that the world is against us being together. I would go great efforts so that this girl would be lying in my arms. I know she would do the same for me.
  9. But I think I love her. It's not difficult to stop wanting a girl as perfect as her. She is everything I've ever wanted. It would be perfect. The tables are turning and she is pulling my strings. She's in control of me.
  10. The fact is that I'm a better fit for her. I fulfill her needs. I stimulate her mind and soul
  11. If she's with me she'll forget about the boyfriend that she has. I'm the one who takes her to another planet out of reality. I'm the one that stimulates her mind. This 24 year old keeps calling her, bothering her, and crying for her. There is no need for her to fake like being with him is better than being with me. She can call me and there will be none of the drama that accompanies that 24 year old. Wherever she goes, I'll follow. Why does she torture herself and waste her time? She knows that this guy doesn't fulfill her. He has her suffering and walking on egg shells. She shouldn't be with someone because of pity. She needs to leave him and forget about him. Once she comes with me I'll treat her better. She looks perfect with the best smile in the world. And what that 24 year old dude says doesn't affect me. Because she is mine and she was born to be with me. And when she is with him she only things about me. She stays with him, but I know that she doesn't love him. I want her to tell me the truth so we can do what we both have been yearning.
  12. I don't know how to feel right now. A background of the situation is that I'm a 16 year old male she is an 18 year old college girl old family friend that I started texting back in November. Last week we met up and I could tell that she liked me and gave me choosing signals. She is so intelligent, mature & respectful. She encompasses and epitomizes everything that I look for in a woman. Her dark brown hair, pretty brown eyes, tender voice, 5'3½" height, and most of all her diamond mind. She admired my good looks, 6'6" height, masculine & mature frame, composure, mentality & what I had to offer her intellectually. I gave her some space without texting her or any contact for a week to not come off as clingy, needy, or pushy. Yesterday, I texted her again and she sounded eager to talk to me. She invited me to hang out with her again in a few weeks and she offered to pick me up in her truck. Our text conversation was very great. However, about an hour ago we were conversing about something and she revealed that she has a 24 year old boyfriend. I'm in an extremely difficult situation and I don't know what to do. From the moment I saw her all those years ago, not a day has gone by where I haven't thought of her. And now that I'm with her again but we can't be together, I'm in agony. The closer I get to her, the worse it gets. And with the thought of not being able to be with her because she has a boyfriend, I cant breathe. What can I do? This torments me. Maybe I can save her from this dude. She knows there's something missing. She know's that dating this dude is starting to feel like the wrong thing to do. It's not supposed to make her different over time. With all of this recognition, it gets hard for her to listen to these signs. But I want her to still live and have fun. We both have time. We'll be fine. I would only fall for her type. I believe in people like her. And if she breaks up with this guy, who am I to judge her on her past? I bet their is a reason for it all. There isn't anything new in relationships except someone new. I might be lectured on how reckless I've been expecting something out of this girl but this is just how I feel. We compliment eachother. I know I might be slowly running out of the time that I invested. I want her to tell me what are the feelings that she feels for him. Because right now I'm living in dark in pain. With her I feel better. In my bed I don't feel comfortable, she's not with me and I feel alone. Being alone with her I could stay forever. I hope she sees the best decision she can make is to choose me. I can treat her like a real lady wherever she goes. I am a gentleman. I am a real man. Even though we're far apart, my heart is still there with her. I don't talk myself up. I do and show with my actions. I can treat her better than that 24 year old can. He has nothing to offer her. He is not on her level. If she is engaging in sexual activities with him i hope she is protecting herself. She is a boss. A queen. She'd be better suited with a man like me who can satisfy her on all levels. Her equal. I can stimulate her mind. She is a go getter and an alpha female who needs an alpha male like me. I'm her equal. I just want her to think about it. I see her worth. I see what she is bringing to the table. He won't see her worth. That 24 year old doesn't want a woman so classy and elegant like her of her status. She is out of his league and she deserves better. I can do her better and do her right. She just needs to trust in what I say and I can demonstrate to her with my actions. I won't let her down. She needs to hear the truth and understand all of her options. She'll see that I am the best fit for her heart. She won't have to change for me or give up anything. I can give her more than he can. I make her nervous and give her butterflies in her stomach. He's not as perfect as she thinks. He needs people to like him. It's a facade. I am genuine and authentic. I have nothing to hide from her. I'm exactly right for her. It would be as easy as breathing. I don't want her to do me like that. She keeps that thing away from me. She is being stingy. I want her to know that I like her. I feel it deep in my soul. She wants to kneel for love. She has to know that she is beautiful. I know she feels it in the bones inside her body. I know she needs someone to hold like me. I know she wants a peace of me. She wants to say my name. So why doesn't she want to spit it out. It could be perfect. Her smile is my remedy. Loving isn't the same with a guy like me. She is used to them. I'm here to save her. Me and those guys aren't the same. What can I do about this?
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