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  1. @poorlittlefish I would have loved to go on a trip with my bf but I didn't want to endanger my at risk parent's health and I've told him that a few times. He doesn't seem bothered by covid and does as he pleases. I tried not to think much of it when he hung out with her since I have more guy friends than girl friends myself so I kinda understood where she was coming from. Those hangouts were before covid and seemed rare since she lives an hour away and he was always busy with work on weekdays and I always slept over on weekends. The two trips happened last month and this month but
  2. @LootieTootie One of my worries is coming off as needy and crazy so that does play into the part where I don't share my feelings about his friend. I'm just wondering, if my bf really is fooling around with her, why directly send me photos of them hanging out? Is it a way of breaking up with me or hinting that he wants to? Or is it just because they're friends?
  3. @Wiseman2 Thanks for the honesty. Really interesting that you think I shouldn't talk to him about my jealousy. Not sure which is the best way to approach this. I'm actually more of the party animal while he stays quiet in the corner but he does go out more with his friends than I do.
  4. @LootieTootie I've never talked to my bf about his female friend since they're close and don't want to be that girlfriend who's jealous or suspicious, which I am. It didn't really feel like my place to say since I've only met her once and didn't want to judge her. I wouldn't even know how to start that conversation with him! You're 100% correct about me. I always keep things to myself and hate to open up about my feelings to anyone (bf, family, or friends). I've also noticed how I've become more and more insecure about myself over the years. I'm 25 but looking at photos from college
  5. During covid, my bf and I have drifted a bit. We don't see each other much since I don't want to get my family sick, he doesn't seem to understand that much and goes out like usual but with a mask and I'm worried this has played a part in us drifting. We've also been texting less, though I feel like it's a bit my fault since I've been busy with work and haven't texted him much either. We've been together since 2017. My bf has an extremely attractive female friend with big breasts who he's been close with since high school. I know I'm not ugly but I'm definitely not pretty compared to
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