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  1. That's so endearing thank you:'}
  2. Yes, we were really close friends in real life. True
  3. We've been dating for 7 months. Sadly yes... That's what I thought too. He is turning 26 soon. He's been playing a specific role play game for more than 9 years, but he only plays this specific one. Thank you for taking time to reply!:)
  4. I just can't belive my ex whose also the closest and the first who touched my soul Started dating a girl from a different country online through a game, after 3 weeks. Was I so replaceble? Didn't I do enough...? He said to my friend, that it was a really nice, healthy and promising relationship, but this girl (the online one) is the most compassionate person he has ever met... They been 3 months together It hurts bc is a girl who haven't met in real life, and seen only through screen able to give him more than a real life one??
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