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  1. It turns out part of the reason to him catching feelings for this girl was to do with being unattracted to me due to being overweight! I have my answer now, it's best I leave before this gets worse. -- thank you everyone for the advice and support
  2. That is honestly quite terrifying to think about. Once is more than enough, I think it is time for me to leave. I appreciate your advice, I needed that wake up call.
  3. Thank you very much, I appreciate your advice alot. I have decided it's best to move on and away when I can - due to the current lock down situation it's not possible, legally. But once that's over I'm gone!
  4. I asked for advice. I never said I was planning to stay NOR leave. Currently in the UK we are in full lockdown. It is slightly challenging to split ways when you are together LITERALLY 24/7. I'm not happy in this relationship and I do not want to stay. I am listening to the advice people have provided on here and taken on responsibility to ask further into this and get more information so I can figure out what is best. I don't need negative criticism and sarcastic comments from strangers online, that is not what I came here for. It's a difficult situation ending a long term relationship with 2
  5. Thank you, I do appreciate that alot. I don't know myself, I've always been able to walk away from a bad situation but for some reason this time - something is stopping me
  6. It's more of the fact that both me and him have become an emotional wreck when it comes to ending the relationship. I almost did a few nights ago which bought me to this site. But we just both broke down in tears, I have never seen a man cry over our relationship before. I don't feel as if either of us are strong enough to end it, and I'm scared to find out if that is true.
  7. We live together, he's extremely close with my family, I'm just scared of starting fresh with someone new or even being alone. I don't know if I could cope. I've tried leaving but he just seems like he won't cope either which makes it even harder, he's just curled up into a ball, he doesn't see mates at all, doesn't go out u less it's with me and rarely sees family. I have to tell him to go and visit them. He's just become depressed since it happened, which kills me. Thank you for your help. I'll figure out what is best
  8. I felt as if it would push him away, which honestly shows how confident I am in the relationship. I have very low self esteem, i don't feel comfortable getting changed in front of him, doing make up etc. That's what i wanted to figure out. Will this pain ever end or will it end up wrecking me even more. From what I've read it's best to leave. When I say we've spoken about this almost every week, because of me asking questions trying to make sense of it - I'm not kidding. Things that remind of this girl, or his work place or anything relating to it brings up memories. It has completely destroye
  9. I appreciate that, although not your fault! He is almost 24 now.. I know, embarrassing. Yes technically, he's been on furlough for most part of the year due to covid so hasn't been at work. We do love together, and because I feel as if he has improved, he's also very close to my family and I do not feel as if i would cope another break up. I've had such bad luck with relationships that I'm just completed battered and broken now.
  10. My partner of two and a half years finally admitted to having feelings for another girl that he works with. He 'had' feelings for her for over a year of our relationship, and didn't admit it for another 6 months after that. I knew, he spoke about her casually, liked everything she posted, messaged her first, just overall started making more of an effort to get her attention than he did with our relationship. During the time I never confronted him about it, he was unaware that I knew. He completely stopped paying attention to us and our relationship, to which he also admitted he was distracted.
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