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  1. Yes we are coworkers. However, we work in different buildings on a 700-person compound. She has never mentioned a boyfriend. Noone's ever really sure, but so far I've not received any indications to the contrary.
  2. Hi, I know this may seem like a dumb question. But the fact is I've never ever asked a woman out face-to-face. Thus far it was all done on the phone, or via text messaging. And my "Yes" count is very small. I have been wondering how to ask this girl out. We have talked a few times, mostly 2-5 minute conversations about work stuff. But I've always found it hard to move from there onto personal stuff, and from there onto asking her out. Anyways, those are questions for possible followups to this thread. For now, I keep wondering how to phrase the question. Possibly because I thin
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