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  1. also i did post earlier in month and i didnt run but now i learned from my mistake although i do like to know what kind of person this is. Maybe im the crazy one for hanging around lol
  2. Have a question that is prob not too smart on my end but i been dating someone i kinda like alot for a month. I actually have there pattern down in a weird way due to there work and family situaion which is during week the person i date is in town working and weeked they go to visit family an hr away.(not another bf LOl) anyway from the start im a texter and i dont block people and even if i am sarcastic texting they dont like it and it becomes an argument and they do not talk on phone. The problem is the text argument goes to them ignoring me somewhat and or syaing they block me. w
  3. and even if were not exclusive they still mean pursuing other females or female friends etc your right !
  4. yes its like shes using texting to gain leverage by threating to leave me alone or whatever she can come up with. i guess its a good way for some to cause them to constanly wonder and someone like her thinks if shes not doing that then the guy shes seeing is gonna cheat anyway
  5. i have a question about something that is so confusing that i feel there is def an issue with the person whom i was seeing. to be bried im 48 yr old male fitness as she is same 42 and from the time we met one week ago there seemed to be an instant click , kissing and all.etc. then seen her again twice as she did stay over but we didnt have sex due to female monthy things. the problem is last week texting is what seemed to kill this. its like she doesnt like to hear something she doesnt just say ok by she says i dont want this i dont wanna see u or something like that. . but 100 x already i
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