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  1. I have a psyche who has been with me all through the loss, which is why I have been able to excell in many area of my life. I have not struggled with friendship until this person came along and I will move ahead here and be fine. Thanks for the comments.
  2. Thanks for the comments and I will try to take them all to heart. This is another trauma, but I can make my way through it and over it in time. I am better prepared for the next situation I find myself in and that is good. I understand more about myself now and that is okay as well.
  3. We were friends over 1 year period, but knew each other longer. I am not scared of making friends, I just picked up early on a vibe that I could get involved and she might hurt me by doing something like she did. I do have other friends, but none I enjoy as much as I did her. I am interested in making new friends, but in this covid time, that is tough.
  4. This is a friendship question and anybody that can offer insight, please do. I am a person who married my best friend and felt totally secure and happy with him for 20 years. Sadly, he had a sudden passing and it was hard. I went through some major trauma at work as well and fast forward to a few years later and I ruin a friendship because I became so attached. I met Cindy (name change) through a PT and after several appointments, we found out we had a lot in common. I was kind of scared to establish a true friendship, but a few months later, we did and we shared common interests. I was carefu
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