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  1. I feel this page has literally not done anything for me. I feel attacked and people telling me I am the problem in this relationship. I simply asked how does one learn to trust again? I got one maybe 2 answers to this. Everyone else was freaking out about the back story. It’s sickening the fact y’all have such an issue with me taking care of the household. I am just dumbfounded in the responses. Therefore I’m deleting my account. It’s terrible.
  2. Yes I have learned this. He sees all that I do for him. He does. We have talked and are over the whole flirting situation. The issue that I’m having is trusting him again. I want to. I just don’t know how to. That’s the whole point of saying anything on this website. But it’s been blown out of proportion. I have a little of the back story and people are all about the back story rather then what I’ve asked help on
  3. I get that. I’m not in a rush to do anything. Clearly people don’t get that you do things for your partner just because you love them not wanting anything in return.
  4. Lol I’m not his “house keeper” clearly no one does things for their loved ones anymore. After working all day he deserves to come to a clean home. So does the children. I don’t put him on a pedestal. This is the most ridiculous comment I’ve had on here so far. This is sad that you think this. The kids are too small to clean after themselves. This is absolutely ridiculous that you think it should be this way
  5. The relationship is a good one. I’ve never been so sure about some. I came on here to ask how do you learn to trust someone after they lie?
  6. I came in here bc I am asking how do you learn to trust someone after they tell a lie
  7. I’m old fashioned when it comes to relationships, I wanna love like my grandparents had... no damn social media, no making flirty comments because that was seen as disrespectful back then. I have some insecurities yes, I have self image issues. They are called birth defects. Before anyone tells me I need to fix my insecurities, maybe think about okay maybe this person truly can’t fix it. Aka me. I live with my insecurities. He was married for 8 years, had 2 children with her. I’m 20 years old! I cook, clean, and take care of his children. Make sure he has dinner ready for him on the table by 5:30 because that’s when he gets home. He never not once asked me to do these things. I did them myself because if a woman truly cares for her man she will do these things. I don’t want him or his children living in a dirty home. I want them to eat good home made meals. I truly don’t ask for much of anything in return. Be 100% truthful, be 100% devoted to me, and love me for me! I seriously don’t think that’s too much to ask for. I went on this page to ask if I should be concerned about the lying part. And everyone went in on me about “me making him take off Facebook” it was his decision! He said I think we should just eliminate the whole thing. So we deleted fb and insta. We done it for ourselves. We both were tired of it anyways. He’s got some issues but a relationship is never going to be perfect. I’m not perfect. He hates how I don’t let him do anything around the house. I told him I wanted to take care of the cleaning duties. His job was to spend time with his children. If you ever truly love someone you can get through anything. We have made it thought more in this year then most couples go through in 10 years. Again it was 2020 it was a hell of a year. But that’s what we do, if we have an argument, we have our big talk, say each other is annoying asses and move on to loving each other and apologize after. A relationship is about getting through the hard ***. Not the easy ***.
  8. So I’m supposed to be okay with him calling another woman beautiful, but not okay with him calling her perfection? It’s the same thing. It made me question myself, like if I’m as beautiful as you say I am, “the most beautiful woman in the world to me babe” then why does he have to make his opinion public?? Why couldn’t he have simply left it alone thought it in his head and moved on?
  9. I get your point too. But I truly do not believe he would go to that extent
  10. I get that too I’m not saying it’s right. But everyone is saying that “I made him” I didn’t make him do anything. He’s apologized for it. I got to either decide to forgive and move on or not.
  11. Again HE was the one who decided we both delete our facebooks. HE NOT I
  12. Honestly I have no where else to go if I were to break up. We live together 2 hours away from any of my family. I don’t make a lot of money to get a place for myself. I’m only 20 yrs old. He’s 27 and has 2 kids. I’ve been the one stepping up cooking cleaning and being a good role model. EverytIme I do something, him and his kids are my first thoughts. The kids love me, literally if im not home at my normal time the kids get worried about me and call me from his phone. I can’t just sit here and think of myself I got them 2 to worry about too. Their mom hardly wants anything to do with them and It is heartbreaking ! I grew up a lot how they did. And if it wasn’t for my step mom I wouldn’t have been able to do it
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