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  1. 13 hours ago, Wiseman2 said:

    It seems like he likes you but has noticed some incompatibilities.

    Is he a single parent also? What does he mean by "you better get home to your kids"?

    Also what does he mean by "not meeting your emotional needs"?

    These comments seem based on conversations you've had.

    That's a good thing in that it's revealed some issues quite early on, so you can cut your losses.

    No, he is not a single parent. He does not have kids. I think he means I need to get home to them. Which I'm aware I do, I don't need him to reminder me. lol

    I think he's not willing to make an effort to give me what I want or maybe do not like me enough to try..such as seeing him more often or staying a bit longer when we hang out.

    Yeah, I'm glad I questioned them. I knew the red flags when we started dating. He mentioned about his previous relationship. Seems like the guy cannot keep a relationship long and keeps jumping from one to another. I think he has problems and needs help. lol.

    I text him this morning to end things and of course no response. Totally ghosted by him. I'm glad it's still early on and I left without being too broken hearted.

  2. 50 minutes ago, Lambert said:

    Ugh. Are your needs being met? Do you think you're a good match? 

    I don't think this is good.  It rather seems like he is checking out and leaving it on you.  Like he is saying,  "I don't meet your needs and I'm not going to try,  but it's up to you

    Not romantic, caring,  or like he gives a poop either way.  Kinda like if your mom says, there's cereal for dinner. 

    I would probably let this guy go.  call his bluff if that's even what it is.  I could see a future of "well, I told you I wasn't meeting your needs"

    That was my impression too, him checking out. Thanks.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Cherylyn said:

    Here we go again.  It's the same old "It's not you, it's me" scenario.  Same old song.  If he's telling you this already, get his message.  He wants out and wishes to exit this relationship.

    He's no longer interested in you nor does he wish to remain in this relationship.  I'm sorry.  Don't waste anymore of your time, energy and resources on him.  It's time to walk away.

    Ugh. I kinda knew this is what he means. Why can't he just come out and say it? It's really not that hard. Yeah, I'm definitely not wasting my time anymore...

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  4. We have been dating about 3 months and everything has been going well. Texting and hanging out consistently. 

    There was one thing that continue to bother me whenever we hang out. Towards the end of our date or hangout he would tell me I should leave because I have my kids. It's a nice reminder but every time he says it I feel like he does not want to hangout or see me? Am I looking too much into it?

    Anyways, I mentioned that to him and he said he was used to saying it to his friend so he said it to me. I told him I'd prefer not to say it because I am aware of the time. I also mentioned that it'd be nice to see him more often and he said okay. The conversation ended and I assumed everything was good until recently.

    Recently, he was distant. Texts are not consistent and did not ask me to hangout. So I bravely asked him if he want to see me and his respond was not what I expected.

    He asked if I think we are a good match and if my emotional needs are being met, because he feels like he is not meeting them. I called and asked him. He claimed from our last conversation it seems like he is not meeting my emotional needs. He said he want to continue and see me but just giving me option to leave if my emotional needs are not met. I'm confused. Is this his way of telling me he no longer want to see me or not interested in dating me? So he's making an excuse. What are your thoughts? Should I continue to see him or is this the start of the end?

    I like him but if the feeling isn't mutual then I'd rather leave and not invest in him. Maybe I do need to figure out if he is meeting my emotional needs. 


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