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  1. This was about 2 weeks ago but now he’s going on like I’m going ott and that I’m wrong
  2. The relationship I said if it didn’t change before my child is here then I’m not doing it because I didn’t want my baby brought up in the mess
  3. I have ended it but he makes me think I’m going ott but Thankyou this has helped
  4. Once a week but does his disappearing acts and ignores me like once a month
  5. He’s 22 I’m 23 he drinks once a week but he does dissapearing acts Atleast once a month , calls it a “blow out”
  6. Obviously since lock down clubs aren’t open but he don’t find it hard to find a kitchen party somewhere then he’s gone for the night and I don’t here anything
  7. I have never found out about ang cheating but when we do split up it has been known him taking girls back on nights out not very often but he did.
  8. I’m currently pregnant with his baby it came as a shock but we’re both happy and excited, it’s just that’s the only flaw and it’s harder now because I do want to make it a family and want it to work, it’s so hard knowing he can be the best most the times then it’s my thoughts when he goes out as I’ve seen him under the influence before and I don’t trust it.
  9. I do wanna move on but in the end I always up end back there , I know it’s toxic just keep going round in circles
  10. I know! Every time it gets brought up we fall out then make up because I believe it when he says it’ll change! 🤣
  11. My boyfriend is perfect soba but when he gets drunk he blacks out and don’t know what he’s doing so I don’t trust him when he’s drunk there has also been certain times where I’ve caught him eyeing up girls or he’ll be out and ignores his phone or don’t come back when he says he will
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