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  1. Do you think I pushed her away? I was very apologetic sounding after asking her to stay over. I just said I wanted more time because I liked her.
  2. Thank you so much. It still hurts thinking she didn't feel physical chemistry, but feels better knowing someone else went through the same thing. I took my mask off earlier so she knew what I looked like but I guess that wasn't enough 😞
  3. I didn't show that. I felt it. We made a deal that I would quarantine and she would come over. She was over for less than 2 hours. So I texted her later saying, "I assumed you wanted to spend more time. Sorry if I'm being forward but would you be down to stay over? No worries if you can't. I just wanna spend some more time with you before the christmas break".
  4. I feel terrible over it. I told her I don't mind taking things slow after, in fact I liked it and did not at all want to pressure her. I just wanted to spend more time with her and I didn't know how else to do it given she had to leave by 8. I feel like I messed up so hard. But she only dumped me a month after. It was christmas break and we didn't communicate much during that time cuz I wanted to give her space. On new years, she said "hope next year is easier on us". We exchanged christmas presents AFTER meeting up in person and me asking her to stay the night so I assumed everything seemed f
  5. She was always excited to see me. Things were going well before we met up without masks. We did hang out outdoors with masks before and I felt she would have felt like there were no chemistry then? I don't know. And I realize she doesn't owe me anything. It's just shocking still cuz it felt we were so close to having a real normal date.
  6. The worst part is waiting for so long for real moment cuz I knew this was happen if we never met up like normal. And the moment it happened, she ends it a month later. I really wanted to hang out like normal so bad and felt like we waiting for so long.
  7. I've been trying so hard to find advice or anyone to relate to but this whole experience feels so strange and unexpected given covid, especially since this was my first 'relationship' and breakup. We matched in Tinder in July and did a few virtual dates and realized we were having fun. Then met up in person outdoors for a few times with our masks on. It was slow and we met one every two weeks but eventually it was three months and I realized she was committed enough to continue. We were both innocent nerds so kept it pg-13 at all times. I would say sweet flirty things here and there and
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