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  1. Thank you @Wiseman2 and @Jibralta for all of the advice and second opinions. Also @Jibraltayou are on the point that part of her business vision is to help her brothers living a better life. She told me that her brothers have been living poorly in their childhood till present time, and now I can understand her perspective better. This is my update on the closure of the situation: My girlfriend apologized to me that she didn't take my feelings into consideration; and she provided me a bigger one-time investment opportunity. In addition, she will reduce my workload by hiring t
  2. Thank you for your perspective. She is not obligated to pay what I have done, I just wanted to be treated fairly at the same standing with her brothers at least. I admit it's kind of childish on my side that I don't want to be treated less than to her brothers in terms of priority.
  3. Hi, I want to have a second opinion and advice regarding my situation with my girlfriend. Girlfriend launched a small import business last year, and I helped her on finalizing this business idea. She often asked me for feedback and assistance, and I helped her with some of the tasks, such as handling the packages and inspecting the goods. At one time, I loaned her $2000 for her to cover cash flow issues, and this has been paid back quickly. I do this for free, as I love my girlfriend and want her business to succeed. Earlier this year, girlfriend told me that she will
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