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  1. Ok, saying hi in the hallway has been impossible lately. Can I just go sit near her at lunch and say hi while she’s talking to her friends? Would that be weird?
  2. I’m trying to use that as a way to initiate conversation. Since I have no idea where to begin, I thought this would be the best option. If I just asked her if she was in any clubs, would that be good enough to start?
  3. Ok, I have a new plan. I’ve decided I’m going to try and invite her to my club at school. I just want to be sure if this is the right approach. Is it a good idea?
  4. My primary worry is being in front of her friends. I think what I plan to do is, go to her table at lunch, say “Hey, is it alright if I sit here? I lost my old spot” From there I don’t know how or if I should initiate further conversation. I don’t want to be rude or annoying and invade theirs. So how does this sound? Is this a good idea?
  5. Would it be weird if I just sat by her at lunch and said hi? (She sits with her friends btw)
  6. Throughout the day at school
  7. Today I walked past a girl I like twice and I was too scared to say hi. I was really upset about it, and I’m desperate to do it, but fear keeps holding me back. I’m worried she won’t respond or be disgusted with me. I really want to meet her. How can I change my thought process and just do it?
  8. Oh yeah, and something new came up also. It seems that they both ride my bus now. This just happened today.
  9. So there are two girls I really like at school. One of them rides my bus, and the other I see around often and we have the same lunch. An important thing to note is that neither of them have ever talked to me before, and they both just so happen to be friends. A while ago I said hi twice to the one on the bus, but she never showed any interest in me, so I decided that I want to approach the other now. However, I have absolutely no idea how I can do this because I can’t find a single thing we have in common since we’ve never talked. I also think it would be weird if I show interest in her
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