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  1. @greendots you have a great point, it’s true he didn’t handle this with respect or kindness. I am still so blindsided by the breakup and my feelings for him run deep, partly because he is so broken 😞
  2. I hope everything works out for you, thank you
  3. @SooSad33 thank you for the advice. I agree he needs to work on himself and take care of himself for now, I just hope he hasn’t cut me out of his life permanently.
  4. @greendots thank you. We have been on & off— not dating anyone else but his frequent vanishing acts have been in place from the beginning. It is hurtful and disrespectful that he not only ended things with a text, but he won’t allow me to respond.
  5. Do you think based on what he said that he will reach out/want to reconcile with me when he feels more stable?
  6. I meant the other stressors in his life. I realize he needs therapy and possibly medication, he is in therapy now and has been on & off since before we met. It doesn’t stand to reason that a mental health challenge means that relationships are an impossible thing to have. Maybe he is just realizing that it is impossible for him right now 😞
  7. Thank you, I do understand all of the stress he is under. I just care about him so much and don’t want to lose him. 😞 I haven’t tried to contact him since the few texts I sent immediately, I know I need to respect his decision. I was just hoping at some point he would reach out to me when he has his life in order.
  8. I have been with this man (38, I’m 52) for 18 months. He has self esteem/communication/anxiety-depression issues and I think an underlying mood disorder bipolar 2 or cyclothymia possibly? He had a 10 year relationship and married for the last 2 years of it, wife cheated multiple times and they divorced in fall of 2018– had a rebound relationship that ended shortly after the divorce was final but started when he and his wife had been separated for a year. We met online in March of 2019 and started dating steadily 2 months later. He frequently cuts off contact with me, friends, family and
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