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  1. Thank you all you helped me so much. I decided I wasnt gonna say anything and I just told her that when this comes out hopefully it doesn't cause her husbands suicide...Also that I dont want to talk to her or hear any more about it.
  2. Maybe she feels like shes missing out because its been a while since youve done anything together. Find some fun things to do create memories. Enjoy some quality time with your spouse. Also she might need you to do some of the house work sometimes with out her asking with out it taking hours to do.
  3. I think you should read a book called The Five Love Languages. You might be able to mend your relationship with your husband if you dont truly want to get a divorce...just a suggestion.
  4. My cousin and her husband have been married about 7 years. Last year her husband got in to a terrible car accident and now has a head injury. My cousin hasnt been happy in her marriage a "long" time and she has been going out with another man for 2 years. I work with my cousin and she is spreading lies about her husband at our place of employment. Co workers have been telling me all kinds of stuff she has been saying/ doing and I am just disgusted by her actions. I think her husband deserves to know. My cousin and I have been arguing about this because we have different opinions. Apparently he
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