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  1. She wasn’t alone at all. We dated through her divorce. She also dated one or two other men throughout the years of separation/divorce. She stayed in the marriage for her child but lived a completely separate life from her then husband. I didn’t know this until I found out that she was going through the process of divorce while we were dating and becoming very serious.
  2. Yes you are right, we were married for a short time. We also had a tremendously long friendship of 17+ years before we started to date romantically and married for a year totally 20 years of a lifetime spent. We connected on every level.
  3. My ex-wife texted me out of the blue. She was with her friends having afternoon cocktails, as she said they were reminiscing about an incident that I showed not so nice behavior. She said she is living her best life. I think otherwise. I think she still loves me and is having trouble as well.
  4. There were too many “life problems,” outside influences, she lost her identity, and didn’t want to be married. The term married gave her a feeling of being tied down. All the while I encouraged her to go out and spend time with her friends. I am dating someone to pass the time. Now that I am writing this it is not fair to this person.
  5. We were friends for 18 years dated for three, and married in that three year span. Marriage only lasted for a year for various reasons. None that would put anyone in harms way. We were madly in love and blind to the world around us. When things became too much that is when she realized it was too much too soon. Again timing was bad and we got divorced. I still am in love with her despite dating other people. I am writing her a letter but as I am writing the letter I am not sure it is right and even a realistic possibility for us to reconcile. I don't want to marry her again, at least for years
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