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  1. I caused her to get fired by texting her coworker to make sure that she wasn't working late. She normally got home at 11:15 pm and this was at midnight and I had not heard from her and she hadn't responded to my texts or calls. The whole conversation was me asking if he had seen her, him saying no but he would text the group chat and me then saying that I am going to go look for her and hopefully not find he dead in a ditch from hitting a deer.
  2. There aren't drugs or alcohol involved. I caused her to get fired by bringing a coworker into personal issues. The child has stayed with me the whole time. I have been seeking employment and so has she. She said yesterday that she was wanting to have a relationship where her feelings and thoughts are heard. I want to give that to her. We both battle with depression and anxiety and I recently started seeing someone about it and am on medication for it. I would like for her to see someone as well, but she has a bad history with psychiatrists and therapy. She is my best fr
  3. We have been together for 8 years. I was the problem. I couldn't be bothered to hear her problems or would interject my problems any time she would try to talk about hers. She was lonely when I was working and kept saying that I was only one person. When the roles were reversed, she would listen to me, but I was just sad and lonely and jealous of her work to the point where I drove her away. She came back and I didn't know that she had any intention of trying to work things out, but I have done my best to hear her and not inject myself into consideration.
  4. Over the last few months my girlfriend and I have been having problems. Mostly caused by me. I realize now that I am the biggest problem I didn't listen when I should have, I didn't give attention when she needed it. She moved out at the beginning of this month and has been seeing another guy. She told me that she told him that she can't date him because she is still with me among other reasons. She was living in her car and I convinced her to come back here and she has been back for going in 5 days. We argued the first night that she was here, the second day I inserted my feelings over hers.
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