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  1. It’s definitely not about the bin. Often when people are upset about things like that, it’s because the other partner may have a habit of regularly not listening or acknowledging their needs, both big or small. If you’re wanting a resolution, I’d try talking to her about if she feels like she’s not listened to and that you DO want to hear her. That may also be in her mind why she’s quiet, if she feels her voice isn’t heard. It’s not helpful for her to do the silent treatment and that’s wrong, maybe she’s at fault, but since you’re wanting to understand her behaviour, this might be a helpful co
  2. You seem willing to be loving, intimate and are showing long term commitment. You’re not expecting too much to want to be treated like you’re wanted. Guys tend to be on their best behaviour while they’re chasing you and if this is the best he has, will it be enough long term? Sometimes men can have insecurities within themselves that cause them to be hesitant to raise up their partner. You could be the most perfect woman in every way but if he isn’t self aware and willing to learn how to be a better partner that’s willing to love you, moving to Australia with him might be a big mistake as you’
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