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  1. I know and I understand. But the difference in my situation is that I'm currently dealing with a missed miscarriage. Whoch has started happening. Part of me feels unhinged with myself like I wasn't aware my baby had died. So it makes me question everything. I don't feel right in my choices or my environment.
  2. I understand how it can seem like that. But me and him were friends for 3 years before we got together and he told me then that there's never been history. Shes got a 12 year old with one of his friends. I'm trying to be understanding from all angles here. Its his fault I know. I think however he is quite niave and not realising her manipulative ways. She goads him and saying things like "you allowed to speak to me now" "Are you throwing away 15 years of friendship for some girl" Its teasing him into thinking hes making the wrong choices. Hes had relationships and and gone bac
  3. These are really good points. Infact we had a discussion earlier and I used these points. She was sending angry messages this morning. And when I told her to leave me alone she then messaged him lots. Talking about how long they've been friends and she's done. He has now said thats weird as hell and he feels like he's talking about her as an ex girlfriend. We've both made the conscious decision to not have her either of our lives. We just have a lot of mutual friends so its not the last I've heard of her I expect. Thank you so much for understanding my feelings. I need
  4. Yeah I agree. I think he's finally to realise by what she has messaged me. Call me old fashioned buy when you know your guy friend is coming round with his Mrs, Dont wear his t shirt round the house...or call him baby, papa etc Hes realised from the drunk calls that he feels like she's treating herself like his ex. Weird behaviour thank you for your reply, its definitely helped me xxx
  5. I appreciate you can relate and makes me sad that it sounds familiar to you. I don't really have the greatest self esteem right now. I know i have to be strong. I know they both to blame. I just feel like she's become a bit of an expert at it. She'll be so super nice sickly sweet to him then when he's not around she can be vile In what she says. Shes message me today. Because she got drunk and called us both. I message her to ask why and she said she was drunk and upset about it. I told her I was confused because last we had heard from her she said she was taking a step ba
  6. I understand. I would never say that he definitely did or didn't because I'm never going to know. Don't get me wrong cheating is wrong with a capital W and I've personally been cheated on too. But this world is fully with areas of shaded grey. And no one has a right to do this to anyone. I said maybe he does...but what I meant was that It wasn't relevant when he's destroyed her trust respect and loyalty. I did say that she's deserved more and shouldn't have to be dealing with it. To me, this is more about recognising the awful situation she is in. Recognising she has foun
  7. I think its very strong and respectful of yourself to make that decision. I know it hurts, and things feel a little unsteady but I promise they will get better ❤ Its a very long time for someone to keep that behaviour up.especially when it shouldn't be happening at all. And you deserve the best. Not ever second best. Wishing you all the best in becoming free from this xxx
  8. Ah sorry I'm new to this 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  9. Yeah I agree with what you're saying. I was just being honest. I don't think she should excuse anything. And I would urge her to move on. I honestly don't belive he feels nothing for her. I was just tying to say it doesn't matter because she asked if this was because he didn't love her and when loyalty and respect get abused thats what matters. I appreciate your opinion on this x
  10. Thank you and I'm sorry if it made you feel that way. Personally I do believe that to a degree that someone can have love for someone but its way down on their list of priorities. They put their own selfish needs first. Respect and loyalty. when someone has broken those things then love doesn't matter. I'm sorry if this hasn't helped you. But I do hope you feel betterxx
  11. I don't think it will benefit he to tell her that he doesn't love and care about her. And if he does, it also has nothing to do with he fact that she deserves more and that I have outlined that its foolish and horrible behaviour and very selfish on his part. Most people come onto this page when they have no one to talk to. Or need help. People will do what they want to do. By no way am I condoning any behaviour. I think what has been said has been taken through wrong way
  12. Boy does this dude want have a cake and eat it. I totally understand if people are comfortable enough to do threesomes. But in finding one there should always be a clear line drawn so no one gets hurt. You're currently getting hurt. To me, it started as that and now its just a scapegoat for doing whatever he wants. And it should should have been cut off. At that point its not looking for a threesome. Its getting his ego massaged because he isn't taking your feelings into consideration. That wasn't part of the delay. Only you know what is best. But its definitely not ri
  13. I've just read this and it breaks my heart. I'm so sorry you're experiencing this. I have had the same and not much we say will be able to comfort you. Sometimes people do bad things. You MUST remember this has nothing to do with you. You sound like a very committed person. When you ask if he doesn't love you it seems like you're very hurt and I truly understand. The thing is, we put ourselves out there in the dating world. If people aren't ready and haven't tied up loose ends then its quite selfish to bring someone else into the mix. Some people are here to teach us to lov
  14. I'm sorry you're going through this. And I understand with lockdown its not easy either. How do you feel when he says these things? And what do you think its happening ? And how do you feel about him? Australia aside ? I'm not qualified but I would like to help. To me with only knowing this part, It sounds a bit odd. I don't think the other guys you have dated are soppy, their just comfortable in expressing emotions. But I get what you mean. It just sounds like its all very serious. If someone said those things to me I'd think they were sucking the fun o
  15. Ok I agree that I should. I'm just a bit worried. Hes stressed about a lot of things and says he just doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Things seem calm and I feel like I was to start talking about it then it won't strengthen our relationship I'm sorry to put this on you. Just feel a bit alone
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