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  1. I think I maybe just needed some people to confirm with me that this is messed up. I’ve been made out like I’m crazy each time I say that some behaviour isn’t ok, it’s made me doubt myself because he’s so good at shutting down anything I have to say. You’re right I do need therapy honestly. I’m at an all time low and making bad decisions
  2. I’m currently talking to a man that I feel intensely drawn to, but also has some red flags. I’m not sure if I’m even right in thinking that or if I’m the issue myself. We’re in our late 20s. I’ve had a history of long term relationships with men that people around me would say weren’t good enough for me. But in these relationships, I’m always convinced by the male that I’m too sensitive or am wrong in how I feel. I’ve experienced different kinds of abuse and I always brushed things under the carpet and blamed myself. So I’m feeling like I don’t know when I’m being mistreated or not now, or if
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