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  1. Well pretty much the whole time we have known each other we haven't lived in the same city, but we both visit each city fairly regularly as I'm originally from the city she lives in and vice versa (also we live in New Zealand so travel isn't far and is very easy). And to be fair I never really made a move either even though we both knew we liked each other, we are both quite shy and not forward.
  2. I appreciate both of your thoughts on this. It's just so hard to get over her. Especially as I know she gets in her head about this stuff and I heard from another friend that she said she thinks I'm out of her league (which is bs in my opinion). I feel like we could be great together and I know we both really like each other (this is whole thing is like two years in the making). And if we said that we would see each other when we are in the same city again I know she wants to.... and the thing in Feb is my birthday which I was thinking about asking if she wanted to come up for. (our birthdays
  3. Hi all, I'll try keep this brief. Me (21F) and this girl (23F) have kinda had an unspoken attraction towards each other for a while now. First time we met she told me she liked me, but I wasn't really ready for anything and it was quite unexpected. Since then we've seen each other every now and then in group settings but nothing has happened. However, in November we were at a party (I live in a COVID free country thank god), and she finally made a move on me and I showed her that I was attracted to her too, but she was too drunk and I was sober so nothing happened. Afterwards I messa
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