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  1. . I have a camera watching the cat and she is feed twice a day. I just don't get to see her in person as much as my friend does. She flipped one of her toys today. Wish I had caught it in camara. We had A long talk about how drained I felt. we are trying to talk my concerns through and see if we can make it work. We didn't call this morning or text while I was at work. We did have a three hour call this night to talk through the pet issues and how I refuse to give up my cat or house. Idk. I'm gonna try and work on it. If it doesn't work out it doesn't work but at least we are trying to work to
  2. Cause I have to walk outside to the vehicles and pick up tools and fiber, so I get service every 30 minutes or so, but it's a mess. My life is draining, but I am happy around her...
  3. Idk. Im trying to give as much of myself as I can but I don't even got to my house when I'm home anymore cause she wants to spend all her time with me .... Something's got to give and I don't know if she will break up with me first because I can't make her happy even though I am always emotionally drained. I end up ignoring her sometimes during work and she works too. I usually have to give her in worries and platitudes because I can't talk at work. Data centers block most cell signal even... I'm just waiting for it to not be enough for her really cause I'm also scared to leave her because of
  4. I work all around the country and I started dating a girl about 6 months ago. So I wake up and we talk on the phone for about an hour, then we text every few minutes all day at work until I get off then we talk on the phone or video chat every day until I sleep. If I have. Day off away from home we will talk for the entire day with the only time when we are not in the phone or in a video being when I use the bathroom, shower, or when I can convince her to go to sleep. Then I will stay up every night to relax and read or watch YouTube. When I am back home I spend every night at her apartment. I
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