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  1. I believe it upset her though. I want her to know how I really feel about it.
  2. I’m here because I recently realized that that was not what she wanted to hear. I want advice on how to show or tell her other than what I answered her originally
  3. I wish I would have said that. But she asked me this a while back.
  4. No I know it’s not that. I think she just asked because she wanted a certain response
  5. That’s the thing. We are extremely close. I don’t actually believe I would try to find someone else. The better response I could have given is true. I don’t know why I responded the way I did, because I didn’t comprehend the question I guess.
  6. I know that’s what I should have said. But it is too late for that, I need to fix it and show her that.
  7. Which is true, like I said I didn’t properly answer the question.
  8. She was looking for me to either say I would never move on from her or to just avoid the question because I don’t want to think about it.
  9. Well, I know I didn’t answer right or truthfully, I didn’t comprehend the question.
  10. We are 20. We have been together a couple years, we are very close and are planning a future together. I suppose she just asked to see what I would say. She is not dramatic or suicidal. It’s also worth saying if she died, I would not be able to move on, I just said that because I wasn’t thinking about the question.
  11. My SO asked what I would do if she died. I said I would eventually move on to not be lonely. I meant I would have someone to keep me company, but would not love them. I realize now this wasn’t the response she was looking for. How do I correct this?
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