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  1. Thank you for the advice i really appreciate it 🙂 ive attempted to do things together but he says hes 'too tired' after work to go for walks so i walk the dog alone every night. He spends all of his time on the playstation which is the sole problem of our relationship. i work two jobs at the minute and read/watch netflix in my spare time but i miss the intimacy and closeness of having someone. Expecially when hes in another room and 'too busy' to spend time with me
  2. We were dating for about a year before we moved in together. I lived with my parents before and he lived alone which made me believe he would be alot more independent than he has turned out being. Honestly ive been considering leaving for a few months now. What's keeping me here is when we do actually spend time together its great, we are so close to eachother and i dont doubt he loves me. He just takes me for granted and doesnt think relationships need continued effort from both sides. We've both spent alot of money buying furniture for the house, so id be losing out on that (the house
  3. Hi guys, need some outsider advice. I moved in with my boyfriend a few months ago. Before we moved in the romance and excitement was very much alive in our relationship however since we moved in ive somehow ended up doing everything for him. I cook for him, clean for him, the food shopping, look after our dog, wash and iron his clothes etc. When he comes home from work we always have dinner together however after dinner he will go to his 'games room' and play the playstation against his friends leaving me to wash the dishes, feed the dog and sit by myself. I cant remember the last time w
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