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  1. Omg this reminded me of another text I completely forgot about since I was scrolling up YEARS back one of the texts his ex said “maybe you’re lucky I’m far away now” and he was like “I don’t know if I’m lucky or if I’m cursed...” and she was like “your town (insert town name) is so lucky to have you though!” And he said “no bec you aren’t here!” that was one of the worst ones to read that I blocked it out, because that text more than anything else proves he’s still in love with her???
  2. He texted me this morning because I had kept asking him why!? Why? And he said everything he says seems to just make it worse. He apologized and said well maybe what I did is a sign that this relationship wasn’t working out, that if it was he wouldn’t have cheated and that it is totally his fault. He said he meant everything he said in the start when we met but eventually over time he wasn’t so sure about the relationship anymore. That he just couldn’t take this relationship any further than this. it wasn’t really a feel good text, I don’t think anything he can say or will ever say w
  3. Thank you. I do think he was maybe going through heartbreak and I was a chance and an outlet to let it heal. He’s never alone, we are always going out and traveling (pre COVID) he gets my love, attention, sex, my friends being his and in his mind “what happens happens”
  4. Thank you so much for being so kind and trying to soothe my pain, I really do appreciate that so much; and it’s not giving me any false hope or anything so don’t worry! I’m still done with him and nothing will change that. I’m so sorry you’ve experienced something similar, from the bottom of my heart I’m sorry and I really hope we both get to heal eventually when all the dust has settled. Thank you!
  5. Honestly I’d be like “he loves you but he isn’t in love with you, he’s just with you bec it’s convenient and he’s comfortable, he doesn’t want to disrupt his life that’s all” when I met him he didn’t have that many friends or a big social circle, he’s not that close with his parents, my friends and my mom embraced him. All of my friends became his friends and he had a social life for once, like without me he’d have nobody.
  6. What makes you say that he was never in love with me? I’m not disagreeing and it definitely hurts but I can’t wrap my head around how he’d stay with me for 3 years and not feel any love for me? Like my ego is taking it hard I really appreciate the honesty. I need to hear all of this now.
  7. I don’t think he wanted me to find it, it was this secret texting app (the one you just use a username for? Not your actual number?) and he hid it within another folder. So it wasn’t his regular texting app or WhatsApp app or anything. I only found it cause I’ve never used android and was fumbling with the phone!
  8. I think I need to be honest here and it’s not defending him at all, but I haven’t been into sex for most of our relationship. I just haven’t had the need or libido for it for a long time now, he asks nicely and hasn’t gotten angry or anything and I have felt really bad about it, but it’s just not something that I’m into now bec I’m doing my masters and working at the same time and I really haven’t wanted it for a while. he said he understood, but I don’t believe him now.
  9. I’m sorry you had to go through something similar where you couldn’t find answers. Please remember I just found all of this out 2 days ago with zero evidence before (when I say he fooled me I really mean he fooled everyone around us too, cause he was such a great actor) I can’t explain my shock to you. It feels unreal. so I actually told him, I know so many said just leave but I can’t do that without telling him I know. Why make it easier for them? Maybe he’ll hate himself a little, lose some self respect? he looked so embarrassed and ashamed, he kept apologizing and tell me sh
  10. I really don’t like it when someone thinks they just know what I’ll do, it doesn’t come off that kind to me. I said I’m leaving and I am, I’ve no reason to lie to a bunch of strangers.
  11. Did you read the above reply? I’m just finding it strange that someone left that reply so I’m asking if they mean it. are you wanting me to stay? Cause you keep repeating that.
  12. So I shouldn’t worry about what I found out?
  13. It is. The fact that I’ve felt he was being distant a lot, him never posting any pictures of us on his social media (all of his friends and family knows me and met me so I wasn’t sure why not, his last pic on Instagram is from the time they were together although she’s not in the pic) also he never smiles in any of our couple pics, but I found her sending him pics of them together and he’s smiling from ear to ear. also we’ve talked about marriage and he always says he thinks this where we are heading, but so far there’s been zero proof that this is what he wanted. Would he
  14. Thank you. He is being a sleaze bag what do you guys think I should do about the ex? Should I send her or confront her? I know she doesn’t owe me any loyalty but maybe I should confront her and maybe this will break up anything that’s going on between them? like it’s over for me but why does it just have to be me that suffers while they suffer no consequences? Do you think he’ll even feel sorry deep down?
  15. Not at all, sorry which part conveyed that to you, that I’m convincing myself to stay? It couldn’t be further from the truth. All I’m doing is talking my thoughts and reasoning through with you all, that’s it.
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