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  1. So you don't think people can change? Its hard to move on. I always have thoughts that she will change because of the people she had in the past. She admitted that I was different than most dudes and more or less she felt blessed to be around me!
  2. I was attracted for sure. She made it seem before I helped her out that the attraction was mutual! I met her 7 years ago and we have hung out a few times but she had off & on boyfriend! But I never hid my intentions. It was only last year where she got lost and into drugs because the breakup hence why I figured that being there for her when she said people always gave up on her would have helped .
  3. I honestly wasnt trying to buy her friendship or a relationship. She always said that people gave up on her and were never there for her! Yeah I did do things because I have a heart and I cared. If you are in my element I'd do that for anyone. I mean I paid it forward the other day buying a stranger's groceries
  4. In early 2020, she had problems with an on and off again boyfriend, that caused her to start hanging out with the wrong crowd, which led to her going to rehab. Even though we live in different states, I tried to be there for her the best I could. I know things probably would have been different if I was closer because I'm the person who always has positive vibes and energy! She always admitted to wanting to see me or escaping her state to get away from the bad! I simply voiced my opinion out in a harsh way, because she only talked to me only when I did something or gave her somethi
  5. I've known a girl for 7 years, where theres always been attraction. Not an ex but a mutual attraction, but I moved to a different state. Like most people she has a horrible 2020, where she got caught with the wrong crowd and wrong things, so I made a promise to being there for her, which I never broke that promise and never gave up on her! I did help her out with bills, food or even shelter even being far away. I guess I let my actions speak louder than words showing that she had someone who had her back! She tends to close herself off alot of times and go distant. I did feel she wa
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