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  1. I would like everyone's opinion (everyone willing to help anyways).. I am a guy who has known the woman I am attracted to for over 3 years. We met during morning commutes, details on the commuting don't really matter, but it was nearly an hour EVERY morning and we got relatively close. We got along wonderfully right off the bat. But she wasn't single, so no matter how much I liked her I considered her off limits. I am a good person and would NEVER place myself in between a woman and her man (Whether I like HIM or not ive been cheated on and it friggin hurts). So time went by,
  2. Hey Cake420, I was able to figure out a few things around 50% of the way through your post. 1. He is "the controlling, jealous type" those types CAN commonly turn into the physically abusive type, later on in the relationship. He seems more focused on what you MAY BE doing wrong, than what IS DEFINITELY causing you to cry your eyes out in your car for 30m. That shows extreme insecurity, and a lack of compassion that would definitely be a red flag for me. Don't get me wrong he may never turn physically abusive not all of them do, however ALL ABUSIVES usually start out like him.
  3. I have met quite a few people that have no clue what "emotional Infidelity" is. AKA Emotional Cheating. It is a form of cheating on someone where you may not even ever PHYSICALLY touch them, maybe not even once, not even a handshake or a hug is necessary to qualify as Emotional Infidelity... But I can guarantee from past experiences that it hurts just as much as finding out your lover is laying in bed with someone else... It can be a coworker that they confide deeply in, a scenario exactly like yours.. maybe even about things they don't confide in with you (their actual lover)... It is a to
  4. 5 years is nothing IMO. My ex wife was 5 years younger than me, we broke up because of her cheating and being physically abusive, but from start to finish the age difference never showed in any important way. If he is respectful and you like him, and he isn't pushing for sex - watch out for this especially if you met online and live a good distance apart because its a thing that a lot of guys are doing now with the internet having such easy access, they get MULTIPLE "girlfriends" and because of the distance they tend to get away with it, and then bounce when they're "done". It is a disgusting
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