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  1. Astrology is pseudoscience in my opinion. But I’m sure you could find that info with a simple Google search. Good luck.
  2. Maybe her work schedule is actually uncertain for next week? What does she do for a living? Also what is she to you? A fwb?
  3. I agree and I like @Rose Mosse ‘s suggestion on creating boundaries. I am notoriously know as the “mom” in my friend groups because I tend to over extend myself when people need help. Not just with this guy but in general. I know it’s a bad habit I need to stop because it can be a lot emotionally, which it is becoming. I should also mention that he does have a therapist. So does the child with mental issues.
  4. I’ll listen to my therapist’s advice on whether or not I have an issue on that or not. You aren’t a professional on the issue or my life so we can just leave it at that. If it makes you feel better, go with that then. I don’t give a ***.
  5. That’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing that. I will try that with him from now on. Also thanks for sharing your personal experience.
  6. My lesbian friends, I initially questioned their intentions. But after time, I learned that they weren’t interested in that sense. Why I’m asking here is there has been a change in behavior recently. We went from chatting every other week maybe to now almost everyday about serious stuff going on his life. Also him following me on social media. And overall, just trying to communicate with me more when I haven’t shown him that I want that in any shape or form.
  7. Do you have emotional attachment to friends? I do with all my friends, male and female. I am committed to my partner emotionally. I never said or indicated otherwise. What I’m trying to figure out here is whether he’s lonely or if he’s trying to get something more out of me, which you would know if you read the thread. I agree that he should go his wife for most of this stuff. But I understand they’re both going through the same thing at the same time so it’s hard to get what you need from your partner when you can’t necessarily vent to them. I’m trying to be a good friend but also not trying to let him take advantage of me being nice and interpret it as something else.
  8. Right I didn’t at the time. But as I started making friends, social media is something I started doing. I still am. My therapist doesn’t think my relationship with him is a bad thing because I need a support group and she considers him part of it. As someone that has helped me the past. Also the fact that I don’t have a possessive relationship with him anymore. He’s more of just a friend rather than someone that I want attention from. A lot has changed since that post.
  9. I’ll try that but some of the texts are like “my kid just attempted suicide.” Like how do I even reply to that? Or do I reply at all?
  10. For example, he asked to come to my wedding. Normally I would’ve said yes but I told him no. Honestly didn’t want him there because it’s close family and friends only.
  11. I did and have been working with them since then. I promise I don’t want attention from him like that. The attachment I formed before was from the fact that I told him everything about my life. Now I don’t care enough to tell him intimate details. It’s literally just become him unloading on me emotionally. But then again I don’t think he has many friends and I feel sorry for him. So no I don’t want his attention. I get more than emotion my fiancé. But I also don’t want be a *** when he might genuinely need someone to talk to.
  12. No. Just trying to get him to stop unloading on me emotionally. But if you guys think he’s lonely then I’ll try to be there for him. Now if it’s reading that he’s trying to form some type of connection with me, I’ll try to stop contact with him.
  13. Well yeah but it’s different now. It’s changed from me wanting to talk to him to him unloading his emotional baggage on me also on a weekly basis. At this point, I’d just feel bad just cutting him off.
  14. Sure. I would say I’d have a type of emotional attachment to him. I just would feel bad not feeling like I’m there for him when he’s been there for me in times of need.
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