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  1. Yep I have. It’s just extremely hard with the pandemic because not everyone is comfortable meeting in person. But I’ve joined in person group and exercises classes for women that keep my very busy now. I’m priorities are completely different.
  2. Read my post one up. Not really an issue anymore.
  3. Just wanted to say that, since posting this, reading all the comments, and speaking to a therapist, I have been able to not be dependent on male attention anymore. I don’t want it in the same way I did before. It’s nice to receive compliments but I don’t dwell. I don’t talk to any men anymore unless it’s for work or school and other than my partner.
  4. I agree with the top part but not the second. I don’t think there is ever a “good handle” on validation. If you’re dependent on it, it’s a problem. If it’s like flattering to receive a compliment that’s different. I think OP should address the underlying issues but that’s just my opinion. Though, I do kinda speak from experience.
  5. I actually feel exactly the same. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one experiencing that. Though I’ve become better on being self-sufficient in this sense by seeking professional help from a therapist. Issues with parents especially fathers have a huge negative impact on your adult life. I would recommend speaking to a professional to find other outlets to gain self esteem. Perhaps working out or building a new skill.
  6. Have you considered leaving your current job? You have to remove yourself from the situation and cut contact with him. Remember he needs you more than you need him. He’s abusive because he feels like he can be without consequences. Give him consequences for his actions. You already know this, but he’s married. I’m sure you can find a nice single guy out there. Good luck!
  7. Yeah. Someone said something similar. I don’t want to relive this so I think it would be best if I just moved on with my life. As crappy as it is. I’m just really thankful to be where I am in life.
  8. I don’t think I throw myself into victim mentality which I why I’ve been able to live a successful life since then. I’m very financially well off and have done a lot with my life since then. I’m more so worried that he’s doing something similar to girls right now. I think he should pay for what he did to me. Sure. But I won’t let them stop my life. Though, if I can stop him from doing it to someone else, that’d be a good thing. I see what you’re saying. I do have issues in my life. Sure. Who doesn’t? As for my comment. I said I wanted to make sure I had the right guy becaus
  9. Geez that’s awful. I think I just need to come to emotional terms with it because the legal system clearly failed you.
  10. Wow. That would be awful. I definitely don’t want that.
  11. I don’t want to talk or confront him directly. I don’t remember his last name clearly. So I just wanna make sure I have the right guy.
  12. Thank you for informing me. I’m also so sorry that happened to you. That’s awful. Im not sure if I’m ready for that emotionally yet. I don’t even know where to start in finding him honestly.
  13. I grew up in an abusive household. My dad use to beat me up daily. I was desperate to get out. So when I was 18, I decided to runaway but I had no way to financially support myself. I had met a guy online that said he would help me. He told me he was in his early 30s and had kids and just really wanted to help me. We met up a few times before I decided to leave with him. Then one night I left with him. He suggested we stay in a nearby hotel the first night. I agreed but said I wanted my own room. When I got to the hotel, it ended up being one hotel room with a single bed. I told him I wasn’t c
  14. I haven’t experienced that type of grief but 4 years seems like a decent amount of time. Because he will never “forget her” or really stop missing her, he’ll just get more use to the feeling. Now is he still suicidal? If not, then I’d say go for it. If he’s still deep in his emotions, then I’d just say take a step back and allow him to properly grief and maybe even get some professional help.
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