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  1. When should you stop dating other people...been on a couple of dates with one person, been going well but I checked their profile and they may have updated it, when would it be normal to stop dating other people?
  2. Thanks for this, yeah I do want to take my times there isn’t a rush for anything really. he makes me feel comfortable for sure and is not weird or anything like that. it’s me overthinking I reckon lol
  3. Lol weirdly I am, I think it’s just me overthinking everything and anything and because of covid there is nothing much going on and if he’s settling or am I
  4. Just don’t want to waste anyone’s time that’s all
  5. It’s been walks around town and stuff like that. Few dates in now so not heaps but it’s been a few. not pushing for sex, he’s been super respectable and haven’t met indoors lol. the more I type the more I’m not seeing why I’m holding back
  6. Met a guy off a dating site during covid, we get along. There is an age difference between us of 5 years. I don’t know what is it but I’m holding myself back and feelings. He’s really nice and enjoy being around him but it’s covid dates as oppose to proper dates. Just don’t know what to do
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