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  1. All of that, yes. My self-esteem wasn't that good before this, in fact I was working on it and on my self-love before he entered into my life and I feel I have taken a step back with all of this. Also, you are right, I was easily manipulated and I'm realising that now. The truth is that I have 0 experience with guys and I know that's strange but well, I've been fighting with mental illness almost all my life and dating was like the last thing on my mind, even though I always wanted a relationship. I know now I was super naive and I was easy prey for him. Thank you for your words. They are much appreciated.
  2. No, I'm not taking anything for my anxiety at the moment and yeah, this event plus other personal issues I'm having triggered my depression again. And yeah, I'm writing a lot actually. It helps me for a bit. Thanks for your reply
  3. Hi there. I posted some of what was happening a month ago. You can read it here if you haven't And well, I was ghosted but now I'm finding difficult to move on. I don't know how to heal and my mental health is suffering a lot (I'm gonna see a counsellor, but that's next week). I can't sleep at night, my anxiety is completely out of control and my depression is back. Nothing brings me peace, not even the things I love. So, yeah I guess I'm just looking for some advice here since I can't function properly at the moment and I hate all of these feelings because I feel worthless, lonely and invisible. So yeah, if you have any advice and maybe give me hope that at the end I'm gonna be ok, I'll appreciate that. x
  4. Hi, thank you so much for your reply. I'm taking it as a sign right now because this post is a month old and you don't know how much I needed to hear those words because I'm feeling like a total idiot at the moment. I was warned not only by people here but also by my friends and I didn't listen. A few days after I posted here, I reached out to the guy. Of course I told myself I was just looking for closure (I was lying to myself). He replied and told me he was feeling depressed and he just focused on his son for those two weeks. As I have suffered from depression myself , I understood and I wanted to be there for him during those dark times (I'm rolling my eyes to myself as well) and well to make a long story short, he ghosted me. This time I did try to reach out to him and those messages were ignored. I know, I can't say I'm surprised, especially because I was warned. But I don't know, hope is a dangerous thing. I still feel bloody awful though and to make things worse my depression is back. I know I deserve it, so please if any of you are reading this and you choose to comment, don't be so hard on me, I'm already doing that.
  5. I asked him for a selfie of him holding a sign saying something specific
  6. Yeah, according to him. He did send me some voice messages... few in between
  7. Yeah, I know what you mean. But I know it was him, I made sure of it when we started talking. But of course he probably lied about everything else.
  8. Really? How can I check that? I found him on Facebook but it's private so I can't see anything really, same with his instagram.
  9. No, actually we never had a phone or video call. I feel like a fool now, writing that. I did make sure it was him but yeah never a proper call, even though I tried to arrange one with him several times. He would say he had a phobia and really hated phone calls. I hate phone calls as well but I still wanted to call him. I think that theory that he is married or has a grilfriend makes more and more sense. I feel like an idiot now
  10. No, we haven't met in person and according to him, he's not married or in a relationship. Of course I can't know if that's true or not. Thankfully I wasn't that stupid to send him pics when we were sexting, it was just texting.
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