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  1. I asked him for a selfie of him holding a sign saying something specific
  2. Yeah, according to him. He did send me some voice messages... few in between
  3. Yeah, I know what you mean. But I know it was him, I made sure of it when we started talking. But of course he probably lied about everything else.
  4. Really? How can I check that? I found him on Facebook but it's private so I can't see anything really, same with his instagram.
  5. No, actually we never had a phone or video call. I feel like a fool now, writing that. I did make sure it was him but yeah never a proper call, even though I tried to arrange one with him several times. He would say he had a phobia and really hated phone calls. I hate phone calls as well but I still wanted to call him. I think that theory that he is married or has a grilfriend makes more and more sense. I feel like an idiot now
  6. No, we haven't met in person and according to him, he's not married or in a relationship. Of course I can't know if that's true or not. Thankfully I wasn't that stupid to send him pics when we were sexting, it was just texting.
  7. Hello, so I met this guy online, we instantly clicked and we have many things in common. He's 28, has a son from a previous relationship, a new business and lives 3 hours away from me. At the beginning it was all great, we talked every day. Then one day he disappeared for 4 days, I honestly thought that he ghosted me. He came back and we made amends. After his act of disappearence I became even more anxious about the situation. Oh, I forgot to mention that we have had sexting. That's something that I never did before so I think that made me more vulnerable. So one day I decided I had enough of
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